Waset walkthrough

Egypt enters a turbulent period of history, and it’s up to you to ensure that the true rulers of the country are restored to their rightful positions.


  • Population – 6000
  • Culture – 55
  • Prosperity – 45
  • Monument – 20 (Sun Temple, Small Pyramid)
  • Kingdom – 70


  • None while I was there


Requests from Pharaoh are definitely the order of the day here. He will demand fish, troops, grain, copper, figs and weapons. There are also a couple of attempts by the rival dynasty to extort some money from you – these are best ignored, as compliance will result in your kingdom rating taking a severe battering. If you refuse to bow to this tyranny, the Lower Egyptian army will attack by sea from the northern edge of the map. A few warships will deal with it without any great problems.

2008 BC sees a troop request from Pharaoh – I fulfilled it successfully, and didn’t receive any other requests of this nature. Fail though, and it’s probable that you’ll be asked again.

Those ore deposits really come in handy for getting plenty of gold in the treasury, but don’t go over the top – remember that you will be needing some copper mines in order to produce weapons (required by the infantry companies) and to meet Pharaoh’s requests for the metal.

Once again, MRed94 has compiled a list detailing all the requests.

April 2013FamineThinis1100 fish12 mos.
Nov. 2011ExtortionHenen-nesw884 Debens18 mos.
April 2010FamineThinis1000 fish12 mos.
May 2009ExtortionHenen-nesw884 Debens24 mos.
March 2008InvasionThinisTroops10 mos.
April 2007FamineThinis800 Grain12 mos.
Feb. 2006RequestThinis700 copper18 mos.
May 2005ExtortionHenen-nesw238 Debens18 mos.
April 2005FamineThinis800 Figs12 mos.
Nov. 2004ExtortionHenen-nesw238 Debens24 mos.
Feb 2003RequestThinis16 Weapons24 mos.
April 2002FamineThinis1000 Figs12 mos.
June 2001InvasionHenen-nesw
Feb. 2000InvasionThinisTroops
April 2000FamineThinis1000 fish12 mos.
April 1998FamineThinis1000 Grain12 mos.

When you’ve done here, then you’ll be able to move on to bigger and better things in either Menat Khufu (Beni Hassan) or Kebet (Coptos).