Timna walkthrough

Watch out for those Bedouins as you search for copper!


  • Population – 2000
  • Culture – 0
  • Prosperity – 15
  • Monument – 0
  • Kingdom – 70


  • None that I saw


You’re on an expedition to establish a trading post, so it’s only natural that Pharaoh wants plenty of goods from you. He will demand copper, gems, money and weapons. By return of caravan, he’ll deliver plenty of chickpeas to you. Quite a good deal for him, methinks…

The Bedouins are not impressed at your attempts to extend Egyptian influence into their traditional heartland, so will try to remove you. They attack from the East (just above the small rock / dune outcrop) and the North-East (between the ore deposites and dunes in the NE corner). They’re not terribly hard to deal with – a couple of companies each of infantry and archers will see them turning tail.

To build all these forts, you’ll need plenty of gold – mining that (and copper) should be your first priority. Ultimately, you should aim to be overproducing copper and gems – both these goods can then be exported, and there will be plenty left to meet Pharaoh’s demands.

Once you’re done here, you can take on either Behdet (Apollinopolis) or Abedju (Abydos).