Thinis walkthrough

Pharaohnic power has collapsed, leading to civil war. You must help the rightful dynasty restore a once great city to its former glory.


  • Population – 4000
  • Culture – 25
  • Prosperity – 35
  • 10 Common Residences
  • Monument – 0
  • Kingdom – 90


  • Trade route to Henen-nesw, Sauty and Khmun close


Pharaoh will demand that you provide him with troops, game and pottery. The troop request cannot be met – it is impossible to beat an average army in a distant battle in only the second year. Instead, conserve your precious forces, ready to repel attacks on your city. Pharaoh will provide you with a small amount of copper to help you build up your forces.

There are extortion demands for copper, which you should not attempt to meet. By not aceeding to the demands, you prove your value to Pharaoh, and your kingdom rating will rise. You will be attacked by the rival dynasty’s army though, so be prepared. They will also try to bribe you to their side with gifts of beer. I didn’t accept it, and nothing happened – perhaps acceptance entails a drop in the kingdom rating?

Attacks from Libyans will come from the south, either on land or by sea. Troops coming by land appear next to the kingdom road, and those coming by sea will land on the flat coastline just north of that (on the main island). Egyptian troops controlled by the rival dynasty will attack from the north. Keep some forts in the north and some forts in the south (the latter is especially important – don’t forget that troops can move through dunes!). You’ll need to have a couple of academy-trained archery and infantry companies by the time of the first Libyan attack (2011 BC). Warships will be needed by the time of the second attack in 2009 BC.

There is already a small fortified town present on the map when you arrive. There are also a couple of small settlements outside the walls. These cannot develop any further, and so should be destroyed. You can develop the housing next to the temple to a relatively high level. The mansion nearby should be provided with an extra firehouse and engineers’ post to prevent it from being damamged – if it goes, you can’t build another one.

Beer is probably going to be your main export here, so start that industry up early. The request for pottery in about year 6 is a pretty hefty one – over 2000 units, so it might be just as well to get clay pits set up early too. You can fit a few gold mines in next to the ore-bearing rock in the east, which all helps boost the treasury.

Your success here helps to re-unify Egypt, and Pharaoh Mentuhotep I rewards your family with a visit to either Kebet (Coptos) or Menat Khufu (Beni Hassan).