South Dahshur walkthrough

Pharaoh Snefru is asking you to build something that is well and truly unique…


  • Population – 3500
  • Culture – 0
  • Prosperity – 25
  • Monument – 21 (1 medium Bent Pyramid)
  • Kingdom – 50


  • Wages will decrease
  • The price of copper and gems will increase


There’s a siege going on in Egypt, so you’ll need to send plenty of money to Serabit Khadim to keep the trade route there open. Pharaoh will also ask you to provide him with grain, limestone and beer. If you send him what he wants, then he’ll furnish you with plenty of plain stone in return.

In terms of exports, then pottery and limestone are the main candidates here. If you do export the latter though, don’t forget to keep enough behind to build the pyramid and to meet Pharaoh’s demands!

After his Bent Pyramid, Pharaoh decided you should have a go at a proper pyramid, a couple of miles away at North Dahshur.