Serabit Khadim walkthrough

Others have failed in the task of finding copper for making weapons. Will you also fall by the wayside, or prove your greatness to Pharaoh?


  • Population – 2000
  • Culture – 0
  • Prosperity – 0
  • Monument – 0
  • Kingdom – 80


  • Sandstorms stop land-based traders


There are some walls already present when you first arrive, and you should try as best as you can to stay within those walls – they have been placed so as to give your fledgling city a small degree of protection.

And you’ll definitely need them. The attacks here come thick and fast – the Canaanites will appear from the South-West, the North (between the rocks), and the East. Local Bedouins will also attempt to destroy you from the South-West and East.

The Bedouins will be the first to take you on – they will attack in year 2, by which time you should have 1 company each of infantry and archers. By the end of the scenario, you should have at least 2 companies of each, and perhaps 3 – spread them around your city to give it the best overall protection (1 company of each in the east and west).

Copper is the main thing to mine here. You can export it, make weapons with it, and Pharaoh will be quick in demanding it from you. Over the course of the scenario, he will also ask for shipments of gems, weapons and luxury goods. The kingdom rating required to progress is high, so try not to delay any longer than really necessary in delivering the goods.

A word of warning – don’t be seduced by the ore-bearing rocks in the South-West corner of the map. That’s where many of the attacks come from, so any settlement there will be destroyed very quickly. As I have already said, try to stay within the confines of the walls.

This is what Dragon2 posted in the forum about Serabit Khadim:

I lucked out on this one. I had already made one lavish gift to raise my Kingdom score and was within a month of a second one when the Canaanites wiped out my three forts worth of troops (I haven’t figured out the military side yet.) Fortunately I’d built lots of police as a precaution. They kept me safe until the 12 months were up on a final lavish gift.

It’s a good thing I’d read Reck’s walkthrough so that I was ready for the early invasions.

Economically this is easy. Open up trade with Memphis and Selima and you can get rich exporting copper and jewellery. Ostriches feed everyone. Import clay (for pottery) and beer to make nice housing.

Although I built a recruiter and forts as fast as I could, I still had a hard time with the invasions.

My stats (difficulty Hard)
Time 57 Months
Culture 15
Prosperity 36
Kingdom 85 (all requests + 2 lavish gifts)
Pop 2330
Funds 4996
Score 4354

I can post the city if someone wants it, but I’m not especially proud of it.

I think it may be possible, by abusing gifts, to finish this level before the second invasion.

Either Buhen or South Dahshur is the next stop on your journey to attain ultimate power.