Selima Oasis walkthrough

If Egypt is to grow in size and stature, then trade routes must be protected. That is your task at Selima Oasis.


  • Population – 3000
  • Culture – 20
  • Prosperity – 20
  • Monument – 0
  • Kingdom – 55


  • The trade route to Kerma is continually cut by sieges, so don’t bother opening it in the first place
  • The price of reeds increases
  • Behdet trades more wood with you
  • A siege cuts the Behdet trade route
  • Wages rise


Pharaoh demands luxury goods and troops. The distant battles at Kerma and Behdet usually occur when your city is being attacked by Libyans. Don’t worry though – just secure your own city first and then send the troops to fight abroad. You’ll have plenty of time to spare if you act quickly. Kerma is the most common destination for distant battles, but there is 1 at Behdet. It is therefore not worth opening a trade route with Kerma, but it most certainly pays to establish one with Behdet

Why is this so important? Simple…Behdet is your main buyer of wood, which is your main export. It’s a great source of cash but, should you need more, you can sell pottery, beer and papyrus. Don’t forget that you need to import copper for making weapons, without which you can have no infantry companies. Potters, brewers, weaponsmiths and papyrus makers are also excellent ways of keeping unemployment down – there are no work camps here, which you can normally use to employ any jobless people in your city.

Distant battles aren’t the only military threat here. Libyans will attack from SW. A couple of infantry and archer companies will see them turning tail.

When you’ve secured the trade routes, you can move on to your hardest challenge yet…Saqqara!