Sawu walkthrough

Egypt can no longer afford to turn in on itself. A Red Sea port is necessary to expand the Empire.


  • Population – 8000
  • Culture – 65
  • Prosperity – 65
  • Monument – 21 (Mausoleum and Medium Mudbrick Pyramid)
  • Kingdom – 75


  • Trade routes open with Buhen if requests are fulfilled.


There are requests for weapons, pottery, linen, troops and beer. The weapons request is in year 2, so it pays to get copper mines and weaponsmiths working asap. Gold mines should also be established from an early stage – don’t forget to keep the palace nearby!

The Bedouins will attack here, from the South-East, next to the ore-bearing rock found there. Waterborne troops will be needed by 1792 BC, when the Canaanites will make an appearence from the East.

After Sawu, it’s on to Heh (Semna) or Bubastis.