Sauty walkthrough

Egypt is riven by division, and the menacing Hyksos lurk on the horizon…


  • Population – 6500
  • Culture – 70
  • Prosperity – 75
  • Monument – 40 (3 Medium Mudbrick Pyramids)
  • Kingdom – 60


  • None that I saw


The requests here are for pomegranates, cash and troops. In return, you’ll receive occasional gifts of cash.

Space is at a premium in Sauty, so you need to do some forward planning. I would suggest using the large amounts of rock on the eastern island to produce your gems, and convert them into lux goods on the spot. This way, you can really rake in the cash. The pyramids fir quite well on the island with the Kingdom road, and you can even squeeze some housing blocks in there if you plan really well.

Extortion demands for cash will come your way here. If you comply, they only get more confident, and start demanding even more cash. If, on the other hand, you ignore them, then you’ll get attacked. The trade-off is down to you to work out ;).

When you win here, it’s decision time. Do you want the last 2 scenarios to be military or peaceful? If it’s the former, then go for Byblos. If the latter’s what you’re after, then Baki is the place for you.