Saqqara walkthrough

Pharaoh Djoser’s Chief Architect has a task for you…


  • Population – 3500
  • Culture – 0
  • Prosperity – 15
  • Monument – 19 (1 medium Step Pyramid)
  • Kingdom – 50


  • Wages will decrease
  • Sandstorms will hinder some land-based trading periodically
  • Contaminated water takes its toll on your city’s health


Pharaoh will demand game meat, money and luxury goods from you here. In return, he’ll sent the occasional shipment of pomegranates. On the subject of pomegranates, here’s a post made by one of the Impressions chaps:

In this mission there is an early gift of Pomegranates that must be accepted. A refusal will be seen as an insult and eventually cut off your trade with Selima Oasis, which is the city that sells wood. So you must accept the gift. This is, admittedly, a very obscure way of doing things and we probably could have designed that one event better. You may have to revert to an earlier save or, unfortunately, start that mission over. That one was a bit of an oversight on our part, design-wise, but you can complete it if you accept the initial gift of pomegranates.

You’ll need to get some gold mines going straight away, and the same goes for hunting lodges. With the money that comes in from the mines, you won’t need to do too much exporting, but any excess pottery might as well be sold.

You can’t overproduce plain stone in Saqqara – the medium Step Pyramid requires 672 blocks of the stuff, so you’re in for the long haul. Build up your city gradually as you build the pyramid and there should be no problems.

Once Pharaoh is honoured and his place in history assured, it’s time for your heir to take charge of either Serabit Khadim or Meidum.