Rowarty walkthrough

The final level of the military career path, this will test you in every possible way.


  • Population – 7000
  • Culture – 65
  • Prosperity – 50
  • Monument – 29 (Mausoleum, Small Mudbrick Pyramid, Medium Mudbrick Pyramid)
  • Kingdom – 80


  • None that I encountered


The Sea Peoples will attack from the North East, North and South by sea. If they land troops, they will do so anywhere with a clear straight piece of coastline.

Requests for troops and grain will test you in your early years here.

Speaking of events, Emperor Tomek, 1 of the world’s top C3 players, sent me a list of all the events he encountered in Rowarty. Here it is:

Here is the table of events for Rowarty . All invasions are sea invasions . If you do not manage to win a distant battle , trade route might shout down but soon becomes available to reopen . No changes in kingdom rating whether winning or losing a distant battle .

L = land troops needed , S = see troops needed .

1279 jan – game begins
1276 march – invasion from NE
1276 sept – invasion from N-NE
1276 oct – distant L battle in 6 months
1274 may – request for 907 db
1274 jul – new trade route to Qadesh
1273 apr – invasion from NW
1273 oct – request for 800 grain in 6 months
1272 aug – biggest and last invasion from N-NW
1271 apr – distant L battle in 7 months
1270 jul – distant L battle in 3 months
1269 dec – distant S battle in 10 months
1266 jun – request for 700 papyrus in 6 months
1266 aug – distant S battle in 9 months
1265 sept – new trade route to Kerma
1264 oct – distant L battle in 5 months
1263 nov – distant S battle in 10 months
1259 febr – distant S battle in 7 months
1256 march – request for 1100 wood in 3 months
1251 jun – request for 500 grain in 6 months
1251 oct – request for 600 lettuce in 6 months

A little caveat here – due to the dynamic requests system used in Pharaoh, what you get might vary from the above. However, it should give you an idea of what to expect ;).

As soon as you arrive, you should colonise the northern island with the marshland and produce plenty of papyrus for export. With the money made through this, build up a full complement of 6 warship wharves, and at least 4 academy-trained companies of troops.

When the Sea Peoples invade, try to take out the slow-moving transport ships out first. Then and only then should you concentrate on their warships. Troops can do a lot more damage than ships.

With Rowarty done and dusted, you and your dynasty ascend to the field of reeds, immortalised forever in tales of your deeds and your monuments.