North Dahshur walkthrough

Up to the task of building the first true pyramid? Pharaoh thinks so, and you’d better prove him right. Welcome to North Dahshur.


  • Population – 3000
  • Culture – 20
  • Prosperity – 30
  • Monument – 32 (1 large pyramid)
  • Kingdom – 55


None while I was there


Pharaoh doesn’t want you to get bored whilst you’re building his pyramid, so he’ll ask you for grain (and lots of it), straw, barley, limestone and troops. In return, he’ll send you plain stone and copper. In fact, if you fulfil all his demands promptly, you probably won’t have to import much plain stone.

You will need to get a small military force up and running, but it doesn’t need to be overly substantial – 1 infantry company and 2 archer companies were more than adequate to see me through. You’ll be attacked by the Libyans (whose attacks you are warned about 2 years in advance, and who will usually enter your city in the north-west, just to the right of the rocks) and the local Bedouins (2 month warning, and they tend to attack from the west, south of the rocks, between them and the sand dunes). There is a distant battle in about 2540BC – I sent 1 infantry and 1 archer company, and they returned without casualties. They weren’t academy-trained, but had built up battle experience as a result of having defended the city from Libyan and Bedouin attacks.

On the domestic front, you should get some barley farms installed as soon as possible, as beer and barley will provide your main sources of income. Any excess grain can be sold too, along with gifts of copper (by the time they arrived, my infantry company was up to full strength, so I didn’t need any more weapons).

MRed94 has done a list detailing all the requests, gifts and such like you’ll face here:

June 2559800 Grain in 18 months
Sept 255948 blocks of plains stone – gift from Pharaoh
June 2558Libyan army attacks
Nov 2557Bedouin army attacks
Jan 25551500 Straw in 18 months
June 255448 blocks of plains stone – gift from Pharaoh
Jan 25521400 Straw in 18 months
Sept 2552Libyan army attacks
Nov 2551Bedouin army attacks
Jan 2550800 Barley in 18 months
April 255048 blocks of plains stone – gift from Pharaoh
June 255024 Limestone in 24 months
Jan 2547800 Grain in 18 months
Mar 254748 blocks of plains stone – gift from Pharaoh
Nov 2547Bedouin army attacks
May 25461800 Grain in 18 months
Feb 25452400 copper – gift from Pharaoh
June 2545Libyan army attacks
Jan 25441200 Barley in 18 months
Apr 254448 blocks of plains stone – gift from Pharaoh
Jan 2541900 Grain in 18 months
April 254148 blocks of plains stone – gift from Pharaoh
Aug 2541Libyan army attacks
Nov 2540Bedouin army attacks
Feb 2539Troops in 25 months
Sep 2539Libyan army attacks
Jan 2538800 Grain in 18 months
Apr 253848 blocks of plains stone – gift from Pharaoh
June 253824 Limestone in 24 months
Mar 2537Triumphant Army returns.
Dec 2537Ship aground
Jan 25351300 Straw in 18 months
May 253548 blocks of plains stone – gift from Pharaoh
Nov 2534Bedouin army attacks
Dec 2533Libyan army attacks
Jan 25311300 Straw in 18 months
June 253148 blocks of plains stone – gift from Pharaoh
May 25292000 Grain in 18 months
Dec 25292400 copper – gift from Pharaoh
Jan 2528800 Barley in 18 months
April 252848 blocks of plains stone – gift from Pharaoh
Nov 2528Bedouin army attacks
Apr 2527Libyan army attacks

Dragon2 has the following hints (the relevant thread is here):

I finally finished the pyramid and the city.
Difficulty: Hard
Culture: 40
Prosperity: 43
Kingdom: 100
Funds: 15622
Population: 5593
Score: 4134
Time: 585 months (almost 49 years)

The most important aspect of running this city is to get as much plain stone from Meidum as possible. This means that you have to forget about importing reeds for a long while. Then ships will bring 8 stone and 4 clay most of the time. Early in the construction of the pyramid it might even pay to do without clay so that ships can bring in 12 blocks of stone. Beer, limestone and linen make good exports.

My army, once trained, could kill all invaders in a few seconds.

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