Men-Nefer walkthrough

To succeed in Pharaoh, you will need to import and export goods. Here’s where you learn all about that.


  • Population – 1500
  • Culture – 15
  • Prosperity – 20
  • Monument – 9 (Small Mastaba)
  • Kingdom – 40


  • Trade routes will become available for the first time
  • The amount of papyrus you can trade will be increased


Papyrus is the key to Men-Nefer. You’ll need to overproduce it, as it is both your main source of export cash and what Pharaoh wants from you. In return for your papyrus shipments, Pharaoh will help you out building your mastaba by sending you plenty of bricks.

Malaria is fairly commonplace here, so be sure to build plenty of apothecaries.

Once you’re done here, you can move on to Timna.