Menat Khufu walkthrough

Time for you to govern the grain basket of Egypt…


  • Population – 7000
  • Culture – 60
  • Prosperity – 50
  • Monument – 21 (Small Pyramid, 2 Small Obelisks)
  • Kingdom – 50


  • You will be able to trade more linen


This one is not for the faint-hearted. There is already a Small Pyramid and a small settlement present when you arrive, as well as plenty of unemployment, but it’s a badly designed housing block that will suffer badly in terms of desirability and which won’t provide enough workers for the early burst you’ll need.

Be in no doubt about it, you will have to get building really early. Egypt is suffering from widespread famine, and many cities will look to Menat Khufu to provide them with something to eat. In fact, the first request (for pomegranates) will come in April of year 1! The requests don’t let up there, as there’s another one in year 2, this time for 2000 figs.

The food requests make this scenario very hard indeed for the first ten years or so. You’ll be constantly struggling to keep your balance out of debt, and will have to produce plenty of beer and linen to export. The latter provides the most money, and therefore should be massively overproduced (if you can spare the workers, that is).

Space is a potential problem here – there’s not a whole lot of room to build enough housing for 7000 people, and keep them sufficiently supplied with clean water to get the prosperity rating up to the required 50. Perhaps concentrate on evolving 1 block to a very advanced status, keeping the rest relatively low-status. If you can get the wealthier, non-working classes to move in, that’ll help you combat unemployment, which is an ongoing problem here.

I faced no military threats whatsoever while I was governor (a looooooooong time).

Here’s a list of events compiled by MRed94:

March 1950FamineMen-Nefer1100 Pomegranates7 mos.
Oct. 1949FamineWaset2000 Figs7 mos.
Jan 1947FamineWaset2000 Pomegranates9 mos.
July 1945FamineWaset2400 figs24 mos.
Dec. 1940FamineWaset700 Pomegranates12 mos.
Jan. 1939Trade IncreaseDakhla OasisLinen
March 1937FamineDakhla Oasis1900 Pomegranates18 mos.
July 1933FamineMen-Nefer1100 Pomegranates12 mos.

After this, it’s on to Itjtawy.