Meidum walkthrough

The Step Pyramid of Saqqara was impressive, but now Pharaoh Huni has something even greater in mind. If you succeed, you’ll receive your reward in the form of your own pyramid!


  • Population – 3000
  • Culture – 25
  • Prosperity – 25
  • Monument – 39 (1 small Step Pyramid and 1 large Step Pyramid Complex)
  • Kingdom – 40


  • Wages will first decrease, and then increase again
  • The price of plain stone will go up


Pharaoh will require you to provide him with plenty of wood, reeds, pottery, papyrus, grain and plain stone, so plan accordingly. Wood is the first request, in year 3.

You won’t be left in peace here, The Libyans are eyeing Egypt enviously, and are looking to disrupt the great building projects going on there. To that end, they will invade your city from the East, on the island with the marshland. You cannot build forts anywhere else than on the mainland (in fact, you can, but the troops won’t do anything except be sitting targets if you do), so you’ll need a couple of transport vessels to take your army across the Nile. 1 company each of infantry and archers will suffice. When landing your men, try to land them next to your ferry landing – otherwise, you’ll be at the mercy of the Nile flood.

Papyrus is your main income source here, so that makes it even more important that you should defend your marshland island. The prosperity rating can be reached without schools and libraries, so you can sell even more (but don’t neglect Pharaoh’s requests!).

There is no such thing as overproducing plain stone in Meidum – the small Step Pyramid will require 240 blocks, and the large complex will need a whopping 2640, so something in the region of 20 quarries is in order. 5 or 6 stonemason’s guilds will also speed the process up, as will 10-15 work camps.

After this, Pharaoh requires you to go to either Buhen or South Dahshur.