Kebet walkthrough

Mentuhotep I wants you to help in the task of re-unifying Egypt by rebuilding the once great city of Kebet.


  • Population – 7000
  • Culture – 40
  • Prosperity – 45
  • Monument – 14 (1 Large and 2 Small Obelisks)
  • Kingdom – 85


  • You will be able to trade more figs


Well, the choice between this one and Menat Khufu is a pretty tough one. Perhaps the main difference is that here, you’re not immediately bombarded by pharaonic requests – in fact, you’re left pretty much in peace for at least the first seven or eight years.

When I say “left in peace”, I’m only referring to pharaonic requests. Militarily, you’ve got your work cut out. Troops still loyal to the rival dynasty jostling for power won’t leave you in peace here. Egyptian troops will attack from the north, both on the main island next to the kingdom road, and also on the eastern island.

There is already a fortified city present when you first arrive. Make your first priority the removal of rubble and strengthening on the fortifications. Add a few more towers in the northern wall to the right of the gatehouse – you’ll need it before the first Egyptian attack in year 2 or 3.

Priority number 2 is to make some money. Trade isn’t too useful here, so aim for the large deposits of ore-bearing rock to the south of the eastern island. This is where your palace should be built, as it’ll mean you can extract more gold from the ore. With this money, you should fortify your settlement around the gold mines with thick walls and plenty of towers. Also, build a military academy and a couple of infantry forts on the main island. Copper for weapons can be mined on the eastern island, but be warned – there is an Egyptian attack on the north of the island with the ore in 1944 BC. Perhaps for the moment it would be best to have a couple of copper mines mixed in with the gold mines down in the south.

Boats are also needed, since you need to get your troops over to the eastern island in 1944 BC. A couple of transports should do the job here. You should always aim to fight the Egyptians near your own towers – they have pretty hefty attack values and can really help you out, especially if you’ve only got meagre forces.

It may be hard work here, but you are well-rewarded for your efforts. Your heirs will reign forever over Egypt as pharaoh! Time to establish a new capital at Itjtawy.