Iunet walkthrough

A tyrannical pharaoh with a desire for eternal glory drives you to achieve great things at Iunet.


  • Population – 4000
  • Culture – 30
  • Prosperity – 30
  • Monument – 9 (Small Mastaba)
  • Kingdom – 65


  • Trade routes open to Abu and Men-Nefer


Pharaoh Khufu wants to ensure that you remember who’s in charge, so he’ll keep you busy with plenty of requests for goods like fish, meat and pottery.

The Kushites don’t want you to feel secure in Iunet, so will make plenty of attempts to displace you. They will sail into your city from the East, and may bring troops with them. If they do, then they’ll land them on the upper eastern island – the one with the small rocky outcrop. You will have to get your troops there via transport ship if you fail to sink their transport before their troops can land.

A gold industry is important here, and should be started early on. The same goes for copper and granite, both of which can provide additional revenue via export. Keep some of each good in reserve though, in case Pharaoh decides he needs some.

Dragon2 found this one pretty easy:

This is a pleasant change from pyramid building. All you need is one small mastaba (with granite in it, as I discovered when I thought I’d met all the requirements). Best of all, there are no economic problems. In year 0, connect 7 gold mines to your main housing block and don’t even worry about exports.

The only tricky part is fighting off the Kushites. I forgot to import wood and took too long to build warships. Once I’d learned my lesson, I built four of them. Then I ignored Seth, who destroyed them all. Fortunately I finished before the next invasion.

The results:
Difficulty hard
Culture 40
Prosperity 31
Kingdom 72 (thanks to some lavish gifts)
Funds 2294
Population 4421
Time: 108 months
Score: 2590 (really low — I wonder why?)

Successful completion of this scenario will prove to Khufu that your family is capable of great things, and he’ll set you another tough task – Rostja (Giza).