Itjtawy walkthrough

You have ascended to the position of ultimate power. Now it is time to consolidate and build a new capital.


  • Population – 7500
  • Culture – 60
  • Prosperity – 60
  • Monument – 33 (Sphinx, Medium Mudbrick Pyramid, Small Mudbrick Pyramid)
  • Kingdom – 85
  • 6 Stately Manors


  • Landslides cut land-based trade routes
  • Contaminated water damages city health
  • Wages rise


There are requests from your cities for pottery, meat, bricks, limestone, grain and linen (see below). You’ll receive the odd gift of cash from time to time. A word to the wise – produce meat as soon as possible, and put it in a Storage Yard – the meat requests start real early, and caught me by surprise. It would also be worth your while getting your pottery industry going immediately too.

Linen, linen, linen. That’s the key to getting a good start. Produce it nice and early so you can export it and make some cash.

Here is a list of events you might encounter during this scenario, thanks to Gregg Eschenbrenner.

Mar 1878City RequestThebes700 Pottery8 mos.
Aug 1878FamineKharga Oasis900 Meat8 mos.
Dec 1878City RequestDahkla Oasis200 Meat6 mos.
Dec 1878Trade Route OpensThebes

Aug 1876Contaminated Water

Sep 1876City RequestThebes800 Meat8 mos.
Apr 1875Price Increase
May 1875City RequestBeni Hasan1300 Bricks10 mos.
May 1874ConstructionMemphis6 Limestone10 mos.
Jan 1873Trade IncreaseDahkla OasisMeat
Jan 1873City RequestThebes1000 Clay8 mos.
Feb 1873GiftMemphis1766 Deben
Aug 1873Contaminated Water

Aug 1873City RequestBeni Hasan11 Limestone8 mos.
Jan 1872GiftBeni Hasan1299 Deben
Feb 1873GiftThebes294 Deben
Apr 1872Landslide

Nov 1871City RequestKharga Oasis800 Grain10 mos.
Aug 1870Contaminated Water

Mar 1868City RequestBeni Hasan1000 Bricks8 mos.
Dec 1868Trade IncreaseBeni HasanBricks
Apr 1867Price Increase
Aug 1867Contaminated Water

Mar 1866City RequestBeni Hasan1500 Linen6 mos.
Feb 1865GiftBeni Hasan1287 Deben
May 1863Trade Route OpensKharga Oasis

Aug 1863Contaminated Water

Aug 1860Contaminated Water

Nov 1859Wage Increase

Jul 1858Wage Increase

After Itjtawy, Iken (Mirgissa) or Sawu (Mersa Gawasis) await you.