Iken walkthrough

Attacks, requests, extortion…Iken seems to have everything.


  • Population – 8000
  • Culture – 45
  • Prosperity – 45
  • Monument – 11 (Large Obelisk)
  • Kingdom – 80


  • Lots of trade routes open if you play your cards right. Byblos, Sawu, Waset and Kerma will all trade with you as the scenario goes on.


Pharaoh will demand figs, beer, copper and weapons. It’s worth noting that the demand for beer which comes in year 3/4 only gives you 2 months to comply, so it will pay to get stockpiling early. In return, you’ll receive granite and copper.

Kerma will also demand 6000 copper from you – this request is only a pretext for an attack, and it s not serious. Ignore it and your kingdom rating will rise. Kushite armies that attack you as a result of this will invade from the south, either by land or water (check the Empire Map to see which). Water-borne troops will land well away from the main island, so should not prove much of a problem. Bedouins also have a go at you here – I was attacked from the west, in the centre of the map.

Gold mining is crucial here, and should be commenced early.

After Iken, it’s on to Heh (Semna) or Bubastis.