Hetepsenusret walkthrough

Your family has ruled Egypt wisely and well. It is now time for you to deliver the coup de grace which will enshrine your dynasty in legend.


  • Population – 12000
  • Culture – 80
  • Prosperity – 80
  • Monument – 70 (Large Mudbrick Pyramid Complex, Large Mudbrick Pyramid, Mausoleum)
  • Kingdom – 75


  • Contaminated water will affect your city’s overall health.
  • Loads of trade routes will open as the scenario progresses


This is a big one. It’s quite possible that you’ll be here for over 100 game years, so there are naturally plenty of requests. They appear in this order: wood, cash, game meat, bricks, papyrus, fish, reeds, troops, grain, lux goods. In return, you’ll receive things like bricks, limestone, linen and sandstone.

The map here is lovely and big, so there’s plenty of room for those 12,000 people. Remember, however, that the pyramid complex can only go on the central island (due to the fact that it has to be on the eastern bank of the Nile).

Victory here will end the game. Congratulations!