Heh walkthrough

The bend in the Nile is tranquil. The Nubians will ensure that state of affairs does not last for long though…


  • Population – 6000
  • Culture – 50
  • Prosperity – 45
  • Monument – 15 (Mausoleum)
  • Kingdom – 60


  • You will be able to trade with Sawu if your warships do their job well.
  • Other trade routes will also open – Men-Nefer and Itjtawy for example.


As soon as you start, get the gold mining industry running. Put down a couple of gemstone mines too – you can sell the luxury goods produced by the Jewelers for a bit of extra cash.

The Nubian attacks start early, so be prepared. At the start, you can only build archery forts (there’s no copper source until your warships win their distant battle), so put 3 or 4 of them down. You should also build some walls and towers around the ore-bearing rock to the North-West – that’s where the Nubian land attacks come from. These towers will also deal with the troublesome hyenas that patrol the area from time to time.

In terms of a navy, get 2 warship wharves up and running straight away. That will be sufficient to with the distant battle at Abu and open up the Sawu trade route. Put down the rest of the wharves soon after the distant battle, as you’ll need them. The usual rules for dealing with naval invasions apply here – take out the transports first and prevent any landings (which will occur wherever there’s a suitably flat stretch of river bank).

After Heh, it’s on to Sauty (Lykopolis) or Khmun (Hermopolis).