Dunqul Oasis walkthrough

Ready to fight for your survival? You’ll need to be if you’re going to win here.


  • Population – 3500
  • Culture – 20
  • Prosperity – 20
  • Monument – 6 (Small Obelisk)
  • Kingdom – 80


  • The trade routes to Kerma and Buhen shut down
  • A trade route to Nekhen opens


Pharaoh demands weapons, game meat, and granite. The first weapons request is impossible to meet – don’t bother trying. It’s just a way of shutting down the Buhen trade route.

Militarily, this scenario is a bit of a nightmare. You need to act quickly if you’re going to survive, as you are assailed both by Bedouins and also Kushites. Attacks come from the north, next to the kingdom road, and from the east. The first one is only a year or so into the scenario, so get building up your military early! By the time the Kushites attack in 2241 BC, you should have a 2 infantry and 2 archer cohorts (academy-trained if possible). If you can’t get that many, then try to get Seth’s “I’ll strike down the next invaders who attack your city” bonus.

Wood is something you can forget about at the start – Buhen is the only city that will buy it from you, and that trade route closes in year 2. Instead, concentrate your cash reserves (you’ll probably need to commit any personal savings you have to the cause here – the rescue funds don’t really help) on building plenty of gemstone mines and jewelers. Also, you should try and get as many Seth blessings as possible, especially in advance of the first Bedouin attack.

If by some miracle you get through Dunqul Oasis, you won’t find your task getting any easier. While you were hard at work, Egypt has collapsed, leading to civil war. Throwing your hat in with the Intoyef dynasty, you must govern either Thinis or Waset (Thebes).