Djedu walkthrough

Fragmented maps galore in the Nile Delta, and space could prove a problem – after all, surely you don’t want to cut down all those forests to make room for your monument..?


  • Population – 4500
  • Culture – 45
  • Prosperity – 40
  • Monument – 13 (Sun Temple)
  • Kingdom – 50


  • Trade routes open if you fulfil the requests
  • Wages rise


I’ve already given away 1 of the things Pharaoh requires. First, he’ll demand some cash, and then some game meat (see above under “Events”), and also fish and wood.

Wood is the big export here. It’ll net you a load of debens, and should be started immediately. You might find you get more money if you chop the stuff down in the SW area – the ships come in from the south and don’t like sailing all the way to the North to do all their trading. Papyrus is another lucrative source of export debens.

MRed94 sent me this list detailing the requests you’ll get:

Jan 2463Festival500 debens
Jan 2461RequestDunqul Oasis500 Game Meat6 mos.
April 2461RequestDashur700 fish6 mos.
June 2461Increased TradingDunqul OasisSandstone
Aug. 2461New trade routeDashur
Oct. 2461Increased TradingOnBeer
April 2460Price IncreaseBeer
May 2460Price IncreaseBarley
May 2460RequestAbedju1000 Wood12 mos.
Feb 2459RequestIunet600 Fish6 mos.
March 2459New trade routeAbedju
July 2459New trade routeIunet
Aug. 2459Increased TradingOnWood
Ang. 2459Increased TradingOnMeat
Dec. 2459Price IncreaseMeat
April 2458Price IncreaseWood
Sept. 2455Wage increase
March 2449Bad Water
Sept 2449RequestSaqqara900 Game meat9 mos.
Jan. 2448New trade routeSaqqara
April 2448Increased TradingOnWood

In the forum, Dragon2 posted the following ideas:

For making money this is a piece of cake, even at hard difficulty. Just export wood and pottery. I chose to build my docks on the north shore and cut and export wood from there.

The tedious part is importing 220 blocks of sandstone to start the Sun Temple. If you meet requests, imports rise from 15 to 40 blocks per year, but it’s still slow. Once the Sun Temple is underway, you need another 160 blocks to finish it. 4 years, maybe 5, right?

Wrong. As your housing evolves, unemployment climbs. To reach the 45 Culture requirement, you need mortuaries, and mortuaries don’t count unless they have linen. Eventually a trade route opened that let me import linen, but I was cautious because I didn’t want to lose money.

Anyway, when the temple finished, my Culture had dropped to 35 because none of my mortuaries had linen, While I was fixing that, people started emigrating because of high unemployment. They abandoned the small houses near my docks and ferries. This stopped the distribution of imported clay, and housing devolved for lack of pottery. By the time my Culture was OK, my prosperity had fallen below the requirement. It took me several years to recover by building lots of unnecessary work camps. Just as I got there, all the mortuaries ran out of linen and Culture dropped from 55 to 35. Finally, by importing both linen and pottery, I again reached the ratings that I had had before the temple was done.

If I play this level again, I will stockpile lots of pottery while I have lots of money but am far enough from finishing that I don’t have to worry about a money-losing year. I’ll also import linen at the first opportunity.

At normal difficulty this level will be very dull. I suggest cranking the difficulty up to hard unless you just like waiting for debens and sandstone to roll in.

Time 206 months
Culture 55
Prosperity 40
Kingdom 81
Funds 26070
Population 4822
Score 7440

Even though I made a mess of this level and deserved to be thrown to the crocodiles, my score was very high.

As the power of Pharaoh ebbs away, your family must now turn its attention to either Dunqul Oasis or Dakhla Oasis.