Dakhla Oasis walkthrough

It’s trees, trees, trees again as you help the longest-lived pharaoh build his funerary complex.


  • Population – 5000
  • Culture – 50
  • Prosperity – 45
  • Monument – 6 (Small Obelisk)
  • Kingdom – 65


  • A trade route to Dunqul Oasis opens, allowing the importing of granite


Pharaoh will demand that you provide bricks for his pyramid and grain.

Your first export will probably be wood. When you’re planning your city, don’t forget to keep at least some of the trees standing. That said, many will have to be felled in order to make room for housing. As the scenario progresses, you should aim to export your excess pottery, beer, and papyrus. You can also set up a profitable linen industry if you need to soak up some unemployment.

Cash is very much desired here – importing 100 blocks of granite to make your Small Obelisk isn’t cheap.

Although you can build a recruiter, a military academy, and archer company forts, I faced no military threats while I was governor there. It wouldn’t hurt to have a few forts running though, just in case.

Here are Dragon2’s thoughts (forum thread here):

Whenever I do an oasis scenario I end up with lots of money and lots of unemployment. In Dakhla oasis, with higher culture and prosperity requirements than usual, I solved the unemployment problem by building a large block of 3×3 houses. The scribes who live in these don’t work and so can’t be unemployed.

The results:
Difficulty hard
Time 165 months
Culture 50 (linen for mortuaries again the problem)
Prosperity 85 (in spite of some low-grade housing)
Kingdom 69
Funds 17434
Population 5001 (the last requirement met)
Score 6953

I began by extending a 4 x 30 service block out into the desert and building houses around it (the usual concentric-circle design. This provided enough workers for thriving export industries in wood, papyrus, and pottery.

Once money was rolling in, I built a 3 x 24 housing block next to a Temple complex, with two rows of houses and one of gardens, and supplied all the necessities. Entertainers had to walk past the houses to get from their schools to their performance venues. Once these houses evolved to manors, I suddenly had a worker shortage and had to build a second 4xN block of modest housing. In the meantime I imported all the granite needed for the obelisk.

As soon as I imported luxury goods, all my luxury housing evolved to 3×3 and tax income went through the roof.

In principle this level should get done as soon as the obelisk in finished, but I misread the population requirement and took a few years extra.

If you know how to build luxury housing block, don’t even consider playing this at less than hard difficulty!

In retrospect I wish I had built the luxury housing more gradually to exercise finer control over unemployment.

MRed94 made this list detailing the requests:

Jan 2243RequestMen-Nefer800 Grain5 mos.
April 2243RequestDunqul Oasis1800 Bricks10 mos.
June 2243Kingdom RatingIncrease
July 2442New Trade routeDunqul Oasis
Jan 2239FamineByblos800 Grain5 mos.
Sept 2239Kingdom RatingIncrease
Nov. 2236Request200 Wood10 mos.
Jan. 2235RequestMen-Nefer500 Grain5 mos.
May 2235Wage Decrease
Aug. 2235Kingdom RatingIncrease
Sept. 2235Kingdom RatingIncrease
Aug. 2234FamineNekhen900 Grain10 mos.
Jan. 2233FamineBuhen800 Grain5 mos.

Upon the death of Pharaoh, Egypt collapses. You must throw your family’s hat in with the fortunes of 1 of the rival dynasties jostling for power – Thinis or Waset (Thebes) will be your next destination.