Byblos walkthrough

Byblos, known throughout the world for the quality of its cedar wood, has fallen under your control. Can you ensure your influence remains in the area?


  • Population – 6000
  • Culture – 60
  • Prosperity – 40
  • Monument – 14 (2 Large and 1 Small Obelisk)
  • Kingdom – 75


  • You will be able to trade with Knossos, Qadesh, Rowarty and Heh
  • The prices of wood, copper and weapons will increase


There are requests for wood, troops, fish, and money.

The Hittites will attack from the North, and from the South (to the right of the kingdom road). If they come by sea, they will attack from the South. Bedouins will also make attempts to displace you, and attacked me from the North-East (behind the trees).

Gold mines are absolutely crucial here. At the start, there’s hardly a city that will trade with you, so you need to find other ways of making money. Eventually, you’ll be able to sell copper, weapons and wood. In fact, you might find you end up making more money out of copper mines than you would out of gold mines. The price rises only help you in this situation. For some extra income, import flax and export linen. This also helps to mop up any unemployment you might have,

Physicians and police stations are another important factor. In the early game, you don’t want to have large swathes of your population going down with the plague, or loads of deben being removed from your treasury by criminals.

Once you have secured a foothold here, you need to head south to save your country from the Sea Peoples – on to Rowarty!