Buhen walkthrough

Pharaoh has a building project underway at Dahshur, so you have to send him plenty of limestone, if you can survive the Nubian attacks.


  • Population – 3000
  • Culture – 25
  • Prosperity – 25
  • Monument – 9 (Small Obelisk)
  • Kingdom – 75


  • None that I encountered


Pharaoh will ask you for limestone, beer, troops, money and plain stone, so be prepared. As I mentioned above, he’s building a pyramid at Dashur, so be prepared for plenty of limestone requests. Troops will also be required in 2571 BC to protect an Egyptian city. Aim to have 2 companies each of archers and infantry (all academy trained) ready for this – should you fail, your kingdom rating will take a serious hit and the price of copper and gems will double. In return for your efforts, you’ll receive a couple of granite shipments.

Your own city is reasonably safe – the Nubians will attack from the North-West, but they can be defeated with 1 academy trained company each of infantry and archers.

Just 1 more work on pharaonic requests – in 2568 BC, you are asked to provide 1400 beer in only 8 months, and there is another request (for 900 beer) which comes along at the same time. Consider yourself warned.

Domestically, the floods are generally relatively poor, and there’s no way of improving them via the worship of Osiris (you can’t worship him here). You’ll have to resort to the ostriches over the Nile to provide your main food source.

You need 100 granite before you can build the Small Obelisk you need.

Dragon2 said:

It took my 136 months at Hard difficulty. Other results:
Culture 25
Prosperity 26
Kingdom 98
Population 3858

I should have read up on obelisks before starting. It turns out you need 100 granite to put up the obelisk, then stonemasons and carpenters to finish it.

Farming is poor even in the meadow area to the south (accessible only by 2 ferries, anyway). Since there’s lots of gold, I just imported much of my food. Since imported food doesn’t need a granary, I got my initial housing off to a much quicker start than when I farm.

The troops I sent for Pharaoh lost, but my Kingdom rating came out fine anyway, helped by two lavish gifts.

I finished before the second Nubian attack — good thing, because it comes on the other side of the Nile. If you cant finish in 12 years, better build forts on both banks.

After your exertions here, Pharaoh requires you back at North Dahshur, where he has an onerous and historic task for you…