Bubastis walkthrough

Time to build a city dedicated to Bast, Goddess of the Home, who has helped you and your dynasty so much in the past


  • 4 Palatial Estates
  • Culture – 85
  • Prosperity – 85
  • Monument – 15 (2 Large Obelisks)
  • Kingdom – 65


  • You will be able to trade with Gaza if your warships do their job well.


The requests here are for fish, troops, wood and weapons.

Start off by producing plenty of papyrus for export. Wood and Linen are also lucrative export products. It is important that you export as much as possible, because it gets expensive to import beer and luxury goods, needed to get the 4 Palatial Estates and boost the prosperity rating above 85.

Perhaps it might be best to keep the city here small – it’s easier to keep the culture rating up in a small city than in a large one. Remember though, that the Egyptian upper classes don’t do any manual work, so make sure you’ve got planty of surplus workers before you bring loads of them in. You should also bear in mind that those Palatial Estates can really take up a lot of room…

After Bubastis, it’s on to Sauty (Lykopolis) or Khmun (Hermopolis).