Behdet walkthrough

Pieces of eight abound as you go about building up a navy.


  • Population – 2500
  • Culture – 15
  • Prosperity – 20
  • Monument – 11 (Medium Mastaba)
  • Kingdom – 45


  • None that I saw


Pharaoh has gone over the tops with oil and spices, so it seems, and he makes plenty of demands for pottery to keep them in. Booze is clearly in demand, so produce plenty of beer ready for Pharaoh. He also has to eat, poor chap, so be prepared to send some fish over. He’s quite prepared to recognise your efforts for him though, so he’ll send you plenty of bricks for that mastaba.

Naughty Nubians are on the warpath here. They’ll invade by sea from the south, and 3 or 4 warships will see them taking a trip to Davy Jones’s Locker.

Once you’ve got some ships going and have reached your goals, then you can move on to the Old Kingdom, the era of the pyramids. You can choose between Selima Oasis or Abu (Elephantine).