Baki walkthrough

Don’t let the “peaceful” tag given to this level make you complacent…


  • Population – 10000
  • Culture – 70
  • Prosperity – 70
  • Monument – 35 (Mausoleum, Small Mudbrick Pyramid, Medium Mudbrick Pyramid)
  • Kingdom – 85


  • A trade route with Tyre will be established


Requests for gems, troops, luxury goods, game meat and copper will come your way here.

As soon as you start, commence mining gold and gems. The gems request is pretty harsh, and comes very early on in the scenario, so be prepared. It is also recommended to get an army going from an early stage, as your troops will be required for service abroad near the start of the scenario too.

Cash flow will almost certainly not be a problem, and you don’t need to worry about meeting any extortion demands by Tyre or other cities. Your people will appreciate you all the more if you stand up to this type of tyranny.

When Baki is a gleaming and beautiful city, you can move on to Hetepsenusret, where you can build the greatest city ever known, as well as immortalise your dynasty with great monuments.