Bahariya Oasis walkthrough

Not much space for housing here, but I’m sure that won’t worry you – after all, you are eager to impress the first Pharaoh of the new dynasty.


  • Population – 3000
  • Culture – 15
  • Prosperity – 25
  • Monument – 13 (Sun Temple)
  • Kingdom – 40


  • A trade route to Dashur will open
  • You will be able to sell more wood


Wood is the big export here. During my time in Bahariya, Pharaoh didn’t ask for anything, so that’s all the more you can sell :). Start harvesting that wood immediately, so that you can get some money coming in.

The money brought in by the wood trade will come in useful – you need 220 sandstone just to place the Sun Temple, and then a similar amount again to finish it off. It’s worth it though – it is simply exquisite when finished.

The Libyans have sensed a weakness in Egypt’s defences, and are seeking to capitalise on the change of dynasty. To that end, they will attack from the SSW and the WNW. They don’t really provide much of a challenge though. A couple of academy trained archer and infantry companies will see you through. For your exertions in combat, Pharaoh will send you some much-needed sandstone

Unemployment can become an issue here. To combat this, why not turn Bahariya into a massive factory settlement, importing raw materials such as flax and exporting manufactured goods like linen. It’ll net you a tidy profit too:). As a general rule, import twice as much raw materials as industries – for example, if you have 4 weavers, then import and maintain up to 800 flax. This will ensure a fairly continuous supply.

Over to Dragon2 for some more hints, posted here in the forum:

This is about as fast as this one can be done, since you have to import 440 sandstone to build the Sun Temple and the limit is 40 per year. There is a small gift of sandstone, too, but it’s not much help.

Difficulty Hard
Culture 15
Prosperity 46
Kingdom 67
Funds 15651
Population 3609
Time 139 months
Score 5877

Economically this city is a piece of cake. Start by exporting wood, then quickly build an industrial district that processes all sorts of imported raw materials and exports the finished goods. As soon as you can afford it, start importing and storing sandstone.

The military action is tougher than usual. I had 2 infantry and 2 archers for most of the time but increased to 3 and 3 after I realised that some of my troops weren’t getting back to top morale between the frequent battles.

One large, well-placed housing block will hold most of the required 3000 population.

Despite successful completion of this scenario, your family must now fight for its survival as pharaonic power ebbs away, either at Dunqul Oasis or Dakhla Oasis.