Abu walkthrough

For the ambitious building projects the Old Kingdom pharaohs have in mind, plenty of exotic stones will be needed. Here’s where you come in…


  • Population – 4000
  • Culture – 30
  • Prosperity – 30
  • Monument – 0
  • Kingdom – 50


  • New trade route to Selima Oasis
  • Increased linen trade
  • Sandstorms stop land-based traders


Stone, stone, stone and more stone. That’s what you’re there to produce, and that’s mostly what Pharaoh will demand. Granite and sandstone should be produced in large quantities, not only to satisfy Pharaoh, but also for export.

Don’t neglect you military though – Pharaoh will need your troops to help defend Abedju at some point. I sent 2 companies each of infantry and archers. That did the trick, and I wasn’t asked for troops again.

Apart from sandstone and granite, you should consider exporting bricks, beer, gems and luxury goods. There’s plenty of money out there just waiting for you if you can get the trade right.

After this, you’re commissioned to undertake the greatest building project Egypt has hitherto known…on to Saqqara!