The purpose of these pages is to help you start your city off well – warning you in advance of any requests you might need to fulfil early on, or any enemy attacks, so that you may prepare yourselves. They are not complete crib sheets for all scenarios, nor are they supposed to be – after all, the game’s still got to have something of a challenge, doesn’t it?

Ok, disclaimer over. Just 1 final note – if you want to know in advance which cities you can trade with in the various career scenarios, then check our commodity data sheets pages for each mission. In some scenarios, I’ve included postings made in the forum by Cherub Dragon2, who invariably has some excellent pointers regarding how you should go about setting up your city.

Right, on with the walkthroughs — in most missions, you have a choice between a more military-focused and a more peaceful mission. That doesn’t mean there is no military in the “peaceful” missions, however!

Pre-dynastic Period

  1. Nubt (Naqada)
  2. Thinis
  3. Perwadjyt (Buto)

Archaic Period

  1. Nekhen (Hierkonpolis)
  2. Men-Nefer (Memphis)
  3. Timna
  4. Behdet (Apollinopolis) (military) or Abedju (Abydos) (peaceful)

Old Kingdom

  1. Selima Oasis (military) or Abu (Elephantine) (peaceful)
  2. Saqqara
  3. Serabit Khadim (military) or Meidum (peaceful)
  4. Buhen (military) or South Dahshur (peaceful)
  5. North Dahshur
  6. Iunet (Dendera) (military) or On (Heliopolis) (peaceful)
  7. Rostja (Giza)
  8. Bahariya Oasis (military) or Djedu (Abusir) (peaceful)
  9. Dunqul Oasis (military) or Dakhla Oasis (peaceful)

Middle Kingdom

  1. Thinis (military) or Waset (Thebes) (peaceful)
  2. Kebet (Coptos) (military) or Menat Khufu (Beni Hassan) (peaceful)
  3. Itjtawy
  4. Iken (Mirgissa) (military) or Sawu (Mersa Gawasis) (peaceful)
  5. Heh (Semna) (military) or Bubastis (peaceful)

New Kingdom

  1. Khmun (Hermopolis) (military) or Sauty (Lykopolis) (peaceful)
  2. Byblos (military) or Baki (Kuban) (peaceful)
  3. Rowarty (Avaris) (military) or Hetepsenusret (Kahun) (peaceful) *

Note: If you play Byblos, then Rowarty is your final mission. If you play Baki, then it’s Hetepsenusret.