How to get 6 monuments

This is a rip of a post here in the forum by Local_Yokel:

I’m not sure if this has been posted before but this is so neat I had to share it just to be sure. I read that in the (re-stock the pyramid, forgot the name:( ) mission, you can delete the pyramid, and rebuild it, even though it was not on the monuments list. This got me thinking, “Could this be done ever time?” I found out that it could be.

Assume you have 3 monuments, a small, medium and large mastaba. You are pleasently building your large mastaba, and having fun kicking around some Libyans 🙂 What you can do it to delete your mastaba. When the “are you sure you want to delete this” screen comes up, hit “no.” Go back to your monuments list and you can place another large mastaba, and it will not impact your medium and small ones.

LIMITATIONS: You can only duplicate each monument once. Example: 2 oblisks, 2 small oblisks, 2 small mastabas. NOT, 6 small oblisks or six mastabas etc (unless you had to build three in the first place.)

You can only duplicate one at a time. Example: You have all three of your pyramids (small, medium, large) done. You do your little “delete,no” process on each on, without placing any of the duplicates before trying to create a duplicate of another. You will not get all three monuments back on your list. Only one at a time.

Also mausoleums, suntemples, and sphinxes(sp?) cannot be on the same map as oblisks because some of their perameters are in the same 555 file. Same with pyramids vs mastabas. You get screwed up-looking stuff and the game can crash. Also no more than one sphinx (duh)

Multiple pyramids or multiple oblisks around a temple complex….I dare not think of such eyecandy!