Military Numbers

The .txt files which accompany the game are full of a wealth of information, it’s just a matter of knowing how to get the most out of them. To this end, I’ve compiled all the military attack / defence values into the following table:

Unit NameHit PointsMelee AttackMelee ArmourMissile ArmourMissile AttackRate of Fire
Egyptian Archers804345100
Egyptian Chariots200158610120
Egyptian Infantry150125600
Egyptian Transports7500300
Egyptian Warships30010005535
Canaanite Archers8050105130
Canaanite Infantry8064600
Canaanite Warship8080011535
Hittite Archers90300480
Hittite Chariots2201231590
Hittite Infantry140101100
Hittite Transports10000400
Hittite Warships25010004435
Hyksos Archers100523690
Hyksos Chariots25017448130
Hyksos Infantry150156200
Hyksos Transports10000300
Hyksos Warships30010005625
Kushite Axemen80812200
Kushite Javelins60384495
Kushite Transports5000100
Kushite Warships20010003445
Libyan Archers602028100
Libyan Swordsmen804101000
Libyan Transport2000000
Libyan Warships15010000325
Mitani Archers7542135100
Mitani Swordsmen1001041500
Mitani Transport10000400
Mitani Warships25010004530
Nubian Archers80500350
Nubian Spearmen120103000
Nubian Transports2000000
Nubian Warships10010002350
Sea People Archers10066108150
Sea People Infantry120128500
Sea People Transports15000500
Sea People Warships40012007815


  • Hit Points – amount of damage a unit can take before it’s destroyed
  • Melee Attack – amount of damage this unit does at close range
  • Melee Armour – how much attack a unit can withstand at close range before taking damage
  • Missile Armour – how much attack a unit can withstand at long range before taking damage
  • Rate of fire – Reloading speed (higher number denotes a slower reloading time)