Based on MRed94’s downloadable Excel spreadsheet version, here is a web-based list of all the hotkeys you can use in Pharaoh.

AOrders a selected warship to attack all enemies.
CShows the Risks: Crime Overlay
COrders a selected charioteer company to charge.
DShows the Risks: Damage Overlay
EOrders a selected transport ship to evade enemies.
FShows the Risks: Fire Overlay
FOrders a selected company to return to its Fort.
HOrders a selected ship to hold its current position.
LCenters your view on a different military company each time it is pressed.
LOrders a selected company to hold ground in Loose Formation.
MMonument selected, shows how much land the monument will occupy. Pressing M freezes the monument’s footprint into place so that you can move around the city without moving the monument’s tentative location. Press M again to resume normal mouse behaviour.
MOrders a military company to commence “mop-up” behaviour.
NOrders a selected company or warship to attack nearby enemies.
RRotates statues, gatehouses, or temple complexes 1/4 turn. Statues will display multiple styles.
ROrders a selected company to rotate their position.
ROrders a selected ship to return to the Shipwright for repairs.
TShows the Risks: Problems Overlay
TOrders a selected company to “hold ground in tight formation.”
WShows the Water Overlay.
WOrders a selected ship to return to its home Wharf.
SPACEToggles between your last selected overlay and the normal city view.
ESCExits the game.
[Reduces game speed by 10 percent.
]Increases game speed by 10 percent.
ApostropheOverseer of the Workers.
1Overseer of the Military.
2Political Overseer.
3Ratings Overseer.
4Overseer of Commerce
5Overseer of the Granaries
6Overseer of Public Health
7Overseer of Learning
8Overseer of Diversions
9Overseer of the Temples
0Overseer of the Treasury
minus signChief Overseer
equals signOverseer of Monuments
F7Sets 640 x 480 screen resolution
F8Sets 800 x 600 screen resolution
F9Sets 1024 x 768 screen resolution