If you’re looking for cheats, then you’ve come to the right place.  Here you can find all the cheats that have been officially released by Impressions.

To bring up the cheat box, hold down Ctrl+Alt+C.  Then, type in the following (without quotation marks):

Pharaohs Tomb” to skip the current scenario.

Fury of Seth” to destroy all ships.

Treasure Chest” – 1000 deben will be added to the city’s treasury. Only works if you have less than 15,000db.

Bounty” – Next flood will be better than expected (must be able to worship Osiris).

Mummys Curse” – Next flood will be worse than expected (Osiris needed)

Birds of Prey” – Trading partners will trade less for a year (Ra needed)

Pharaohs Glory” – Amount the city can export increased by 50% (Ra needed)

Supreme Craftsman” – A storage yard with excess capacity will be filled with gems, clay, pottery, flax, linen or jewellery (Ptah needed).

Noble Djed” – Shipwrights, weavers or Jewelers will be fully stocked with raw materials (Ptah needed).

Typhonian Relief” – Soldiers sent to distant battles will be protected (Seth needed)

Seth Strikes” – Best company and their fort will be destroyed (Seth needed)

Cat Nip” – Bazaars and houses get more goods (Bast needed)

Kitty Litter” – Plague (Bast needed)

Hippo Stomp” – sends hippos charging through your city

Side Show” – makes the hippos do…let’s just say “something”, right ;).  Hippos need to be present on the map for this to work.

Life from Death” – All floodplain farms will harvest double their normal amount after the next flood (needs Osiris).

Underworld” – Floodplain farms will be destroyed during the next flood (Osiris needed).

Sun Disk” – Kingdom rating will rise (Ra needed)

Mesektet” – Kingdom rating falls (Ra needed)

Meow” – Bast throws a festival for all the gods (Bast needed)

Cat Fight” – Some of your best houses will be destroyed (Bast needed)

Big Dave” – Some industrial buildings destroyed (Ptah needed)

Grenow” – 1 storage yard destroyed

Spirit of Typhon” – Seth will strike down some invaders (Seth needed)

By the way, if anyone tells you that Living Large and Help Homeless are cheats, then ignore them – Impressions has repeatedly stated that neither of these actually exist.

Cleopatra cheats

These will only work if you’ve got the add-on pack installed:

Jail Break: Tome-robbers appear and try to steal burial provisions.
Amphibious Assault: Plague of frogs.
Crimson Tide: The ‘river –> blood’ curse.
Crop Busters: Locusts!.
Hail to the Chief: Hailstorms (there’s a surprise ;)).
Ancient Astronauts: Pyramids are built faster.
Mummys Revenge: A horde of mummies will rise and attack your city.