Pharaoh Cup Competition 2001


The Competition has started!

The yearly search is on to find the best players, the most innovative, the fastest and the best in the Two Lands. All the Egyptian Nation is waiting to crown the Grand Winner, the Most Glorious of all Pharaohs and pay homage to the Court of Winners. These contests are designed to offer opportunities for each of you to show your skills and compete with your peers.

Our Pharaoh does not rule for life, and is searching for a worthy successor and other reliable subjects to carry on his work. He needs those with military skills, but also great economic experts,and masters of trade and commerce. He is also seeking those who can build beautiful cities as well as those who can find innovative and daring solutions to pressing problems.

Now we are ready to show Pharaoh what you have learned through countless hours of hauling stones, micro-managing storage yards, prodding bazaar buyers, and yelling at cartpushers. Draw on the vast knowledge you have accumulated from reading forum posts, designing housing blocks, counting tiles and calculating production rates. The time has come to put all this to work for you and show all of Egypt you are worthy of succeeding Pharaoh as….

Expert classNovice class
1st placePharaoh, King of the Two LandsRoyal Vizier in the House of Eternity
2nd placeLord of Lower EgyptRoyal Scribe of Pharaoh
3rd placeGreat Chieftain of Upper EgyptFan Bearer on the Right of the King

Special Awards to be given for Overall Achievement – open to all participants

Registration is now closed as of April 19th, 2001

Only registered players may compete. You can register to compete by posting in this Registration thread in the Competition Corner Forum. You must declare your skill level (Expert or Novice) when you register to compete. Correspondence between individual players and the Competition Board will be by the e-mail address in your profile unless you post an alternative e-mail in the registration thread. We must have a way to contact you should we need progressive saves or further information.

Organization and Overview

The events are organized for different difficulty levels.

  • Expert Competitors must play all events on Hard
  • Novice Competitors must play all events on Normal

You will not be allowed to change competition levels once you submit an entry. Only one submittal per person for each event will be evaluated.

All of the events will have separate maps for each difficulty level. The difficulty level you choose will determine the cost of buildings and game play as it does in the career missions, as well as starting money, and perhaps the size of bailouts. The criteria to win will be the same for each difficulty level. Winners for First, Second and Third place will be chosen for each difficulty level in each event.

Important Note concerning Cleopatra installations: It is highly recommended (but not required) you play without the Cleopatra Expansion Pak. If you have enough hard drive disk space, please follow these instructions for dual installations. Our Tech Help group is available in the Technical Forum to help you if you are having problems. You may also uninstall Cleopatra for the duration of the competition.

Participation: You may enter as many or few events as you choose.

For details of the Competition see Rules and Scoring and Winning

Event Schedule

There will be a total of 5 games to play. You may enter as many or few of the events as you wish. There will be a variety of games to play to test your skills. Each event can be downloaded directly from Pharaoh Heaven. Your chances of winning the grand prize will increase with the number of events you enter, and some awards will also be given for special achievements!

The Long Event will be due in 3 weeks, Medium Events due in 2 weeks and Short Events must be submitted in one week. You may submit your entry any time before the required date. The deadline is midnight in your own time zone of the last calendar day for each event.

For all the details see the Events Schedule.

Opening Day of Pharaoh Cup Competition – April 20, 2001

Week 1 – start April 20, 2001Long, Medium and Short Events
Week 2 – start April 27, 2001Medium Event
Week 3 – start May 4, 2001Short Event

Final closing Day – May 15, 2001

Competition Board
Angel Gustavia
Angel Baltic
Cherub Bradius