Cleopatra Interview

ARR: How does one go about “battling the grave robbers”?

Breakaway: It is anticipated that grave robbers will appear, and can be “battled”, like thieves & crime in the original game. One thing to keep in mind: If you allow grave robbers to plunder the tombs of your ancestors your Kingdom Rating will suffer!

ARR: When you say that personal wealth can be carried from one scenario to the other, that’s nothing new – it happens in Pharaoh at the moment. Do you mean to say that it’ll be carried from 1 campaign to another?

Breakaway: With changes being made wealth may only carry over if there is a certain continuity between the missions. In the same vein, we are looking into allowing military units and/or monuments built in one mission to be carried over into the next of a campaign – again, if it “makes sense”.

ARR: Will we be seeing any new types of troops for the player to control – Roman legionaries, for example?

Breakaway: There will be four new enemies added that figured prominently from the New Kingdom to the Ptolemaic period (Assyrians, Persians, Phoenicians and Romans). These troops will not, however, be under player control.