Cleopatra Interview

ARR: I notice from the press release that you’re planning on including some new buildings and walkers. Can you give any more specific details?

Breakaway: Most of the new industries are associated with the new underground tomb construction. For example, henna is farmed to produce a plant used for dyes; then a dye-maker produces the necessary paints. A lamp-maker is required to supply lamps so that the stone carvers and artisans working in the underground tombs will have light. Artisan guilds will organize some of the new laborers required.

ARR: How many new monuments will make an appearance? Will we see a Valley of the Kings? If so, will we be able to design our own tombs, or will we have to pick from pre-designed ones?

Breakaway: Quite a few new monuments will be available, including underground tombs (that differ mainly in grandeur), Ramses II’s massive temple at Abu Simbel, as well as Alexandria’s Pharos Lighthouse, Great Library and the Caesareum. Several missions will involve expanding “construction” in the Valley of the Kings. Several different types of pre-designed burial tombs will be available, differing mainly in size and grandeur.

ARR: What do you mean when you say “new decorations” will be included?

Breakaway: The Pharaoh player will have several new statues that can be used to beautify his or her city with. These will work in the same manner as the existing statues; you’ll just have more to choose from now.

ARR: Which new animals will make an appearance?

Breakaway: Scorpions have been added to the arid climate, Lions to normal regions, and Asps to humid. Again, just more variety to spice up the game.

ARR: Can you give details on exactly what the 4 new campaigns will involve?

Breakaway: The first campaign will concentrate on The Valley of the Kings, and will introduce the new industries and monuments associated with New Kingdom burial chambers. The second campaign will revolve around Ramses II, and will have a variety of scenario types, from the purely military (the battle of Qadesh) to more normal city & monument building (Abu Simbel will be featured in this campaign’s final mission). The Ancient Conquerors campaign is heavy in military action. The final campaign (in chronological order) will concentrate on the city of Alexandria and its wondrous new monuments.