This is the interview section, in which you’ll find copies of any interviews between Pharaoh Heaven Angels and staff at Impressions or Sierra.

  • Angel Reckless Rodent interviews Alex Rodberg
    On Friday September 3rd 1999, Alex Rodberg, Brand Manager of Impressions, was in London spreading the word about Pharaoh. Angel Reckless Rodent caught up with him and did a 45 minute interview
  • Cleopatra Interview
    In the wake of the announcement of the Pharaoh Expansion pack, Cleopatra, Angel Reckless Rodent sent off some questions for Alex Rodberg, Impressions’s Brand Manager, and also Breakaway Games, the company developing the X-pack.
  • Zeus Interview
    Following the announcement of Zeus: Master of Olympus, the upcoming city-building game from Impressions, Angel Reckless Rodent fired off a few questions to Impressions regarding what we can all expect. The questions sent were answered by none other than Chris Beatrice, Director of Design and Development, himself.