Ratings: Culture, Prosperity, Monument & Kingdom

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Improving your Culture rating

Culture rating is pretty straightforward. Click on the advisor and add whatever he tells you need to raise the rating. What he won’t do is tell you how many of whatever you need to add. You can add them blindly until the rating climbs or look at the advisor for that item. See how many people are served by one of the services you need, then based on that, add per your population. Health effect (physician, dentist, mortuary) is calculated based on proportion of people that have access to their services. Other structures use the ratio of working buildings per population (“working” means that it simply has labor; papyrus, beer or entertainers are not necessary for this sole purpose).

Improving your Prosperity rating

Prosperity is a little trickier cause it has more parts to it. It consists of income for the city, employment and the quality of the housing. The more people living in high class housing the better but high unemployment or high shortage of workers will be bad for prosperity. The city has to make money to have a high prosperity rating. Also it’s better if your exports make more money than your imports cost. Since taxes can add to city income the prosperity advisor will warn you if exports cost more than imports. Quality of the housing sets an upper limit to prosperity, while other factors influence whether it will grow if it is below this limit, and how fast. For example, if the highest level of housing in your city is Common Residence, your prosperity will be “capped” until you reach a higher level of housing. In many missions, due to limited housing upgrade possibilities, maximum achievable prosperity can be a lot lower than 100%.

Improving your Monument rating

Monument rating is set for the mission and can’t be exceeded. You reach it when you complete your monument. Don’t forget to deliver your “grave goods” to do so!

Improving your Kingdom rating

Kingdom ratings can be influenced by meeting all of Pharaoh’s requests in a timely manner, the god RA can increase your kingdom rating if you keep him very happy by enough temples, shrines and festivals. The third way is to give Pharaoh gifts. Now the gift giving comes from personal saving and is a percentage of savings. If your going to give gifts, make it early when you don’t have much savings, it’s cheaper. Don’t give more than one gift a year to get the most out of a gift. Lavish gifts give the most points but are also the most expensive.

How do the Ratings affect my score?

All of the ratings factor into your score, along with length of time it took you to complete the mission, the amount of money you have and the experience of your armies.