Monument Building Tips & Troubleshooting

These are general answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions. For more information on the finer points of game play and strategy, please consult the Game Help Forum rather than e-mailing Angels and Cherubs directly for help as they will direct you back to the Forum. Click on a question below to read the answer or return to the Index.

General Monument building tips!

Certain types of monuments (for example, the Obelisk and Sun Temple) have a requirement for a minimum amount of stone before you can even start. That means you must have enough stone in your storage yards before you can start the monument. Usually it’s 240 blocks, which means you need 8 storage yards accepting that type of stone. In some missions you can quarry the stone yourself, in others you have to import the stone. The initial blocks of stone will start the monument but you will have to provide additional stone to finish. But stone haulers won’t be needed to deliver the initial stone to the monument, but you will need them for the balance of the stone. Check the Strategy Section of Pharaoh Heaven for details about what is required to build all of the monuments.

The bricklayers are waiting at the mastaba! Why aren’t my bricks delivered?

Be sure you have built work camps they train workers for flood plain farms and monument building. Without work camps there is no one to deliver the bricks. There has to be at least 400 bricks in a storage yard (the bricks all have to be in the same storage yard) before they will be delivered. If you have flood plain farms, workers go first to the farms then to build monuments. If you have enough unemployed workers for the work camps, they will work on monuments all year round. Check that you aren’t stockpiling bricks. If you are they will not be delivered.

Why are my stone pullers stuck at the side of the pyramid?

That usually means that either you don’t have any carpenters, they don’t have wood to build ramps needed for the stone pullers or they haven’t finished the ramps. If you right click on the monument the construction supervisor should tell you what is wrong.

Nothing is happening. I have stone and brick in my storage yards, stonemasons, bricklayers and carpenters guilds. What’s wrong?

If none of the construction people have reported to the pyramid you might have to delete the guilds and rebuild them. This has happened in a few missions but be sure to wait a year before deleting the guilds. Be sure that they are fully staffed and that you have unemployed people to work on the pyramid. It also helps to build extra work camps near the monument you are trying to build. Check that the brown mat that is the entrance to the monument is not blocked. And, be sure you have a supply of wood in a storage yard close by the Carpenters Guild to build the scaffolds and/or ramps!

All the monuments are finished but my score doesn’t reflect that. What’s wrong?

Check your Monument Overseer to see if “grave goods” are needed. To complete the monuments you need to stockpile and deliver grave goods.

The grave goods are in the storage yards. Why aren’t they being delivered?

You have to click on each grave good in the monument advisor screen and select all to dispatch the grave goods. You don’t have to dispatch the grave goods all at one time. You can deliver the goods a little at time all the while the monuments are being built.

What is a good ratio of Stonemason Guilds to Work Camps for building the monuments?

A good rule of thumb is 2 work camps per Stonemason Guild. Allow extra work camps for the flood plain farming, as you can’t assign the laborers a specific job.

I need step-by-step instructions!

Nuthinenkamhen from Impressions:

Monument construction is probably the single most extensive activity in the game, so this is where people run into a lot of problems. I’ve compiled (and will continue to update) the following list. You’ve probably checked most of these, but just to be thorough, here are the most common things to look if your monument construction is not progressing:

  • Employment: Make sure your guilds and work camps are fully staffed. If either of these are short on labor, it will affect how fast your monument is built.
  • Materials: Check your supply of building materials. Sometimes trade conditions will change during a game, which can change how much you’re allowed to import each year. If you are providing your own building materials, make sure your industries are fully staffed. Wood is crucial to most monuments – so always make sure your carpenters have enough. Without wooden ramps/scaffolding to facilitate the workers and materials, construction will cease.
  • Storage: Make sure you’ve got some yards to store the construction materials!
  • Stockpiling: Make sure you’re not stockpiling the materials you need to build the monument. If you are (check your Overseer of Commerce screen), it puts a freeze on the material(s) in question, stopping construction completely.
  • Proximity: Keeping your storage yards, work camps, guilds, and construction site as close together as possible. Reducing distances reduces travel time, which will speed up construction. Build the necessary structures right across the street from your monument site if you can!
  • Season: If you have floodplain farms in the particular mission you are playing, the season will affect your monument. Laborers from work camps are diverted from construction to tend the floodplain farms during harvest time. This pause in construction can be offset somewhat by providing more (fully staffed) work camps.
  • Access: Make sure all the guilds, work camps, and storage yards have roads access. The construction site does not need to be connected to a road, but there must be a path (unobstructed by buildings or terrain) from the road to the monument.
  • Grave Goods: Some monuments require burial gifts. If construction seems complete, but you haven’t reached your monument rating, check your Overseer of Monuments screen to see if you need to dispatch some grave goods.

Trouble-Shooting & Pyramid Causeway Problems

That covers most basic problems with monument construction. If none of the above applies, but construction on your monument has still ceased, here are some workarounds you can try:

  • Deleting and undoing: Try deleting (then immediately select ‘undo’ so they reappear) your guilds, work camps, or even the monument itself. Some players have found that this ‘jumpstarts’ construction.
  • Causeway: Some players have reported encountering a problem with the causeway in their pyramid complexes. Specifically, the section where the causeway meets the water is not being completed. In this case, placing gardens on the tiles from the end of the causeway to the water should continue construction.

My Mausoleum is stuck at 99% completion!

Forum regular Maxenkhemet had the following problem and worked this solution:

“With the Mausoleum stuck at 99%, I noticed that there was a single square of the base that had been skipped by the laborers (it was on the far side of the building, so I hadn’t noticed it originally). Following Baltic’s tip, I figured that that particular square had been assigned to a laborer that was stuck, lost or on holiday. So (the short story) I deleted all of the work camps, rebuilt one and, voila! the new work camp spawned a laborer, who promptly went to the mausoleum and finished it.

After several re-starts I tracked down the offending work camp, but I never could find the specific laborer. Since the work camp was on the far side of the river, I suspect that the ferry ride had something to do with it, but I can’t say for sure.

Conclusion: Once the game assigns a particular worker to work on a particular part of a monument, it (the game) assumes that the worker will complete the assignment. If the worker – for whatever reason – is unable to complete the assignment, then the assignment is simply never completed. Hmmm… I wonder if a time-out mechanism is in order? I would think that the same phenomenon is probably responsible for a lot of the “frozen” monument construction that has been reported by others in the forums.

The moral of the story: if monument construction stops for no apparent reason, try deleting and rebuilding all of the supporting industries – the construction guilds, work camps and any suppliers of materials, if applicable. You might be able to get away with the ol’ delete/undo routine, to save some money. But be prepared to delete and rebuild. I hope this helps anyone else who experiences this phenomenon. Good luck and may the gods smile upon you! – Max”