Miscellaneous, Cheat Codes & Wildlife Control

These are general answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions. For more information on the finer points of game play and strategy, please consult the Game Help Forum rather than e-mailing Angels and Cherubs directly for help as they will direct you back to the Forum. Click on a question below to read the answer or return to the Index.

How can I control the wildlife? Hyenas, crocs and hippos (oh my!) are killing my citizens!

Policemen can kill all the wildlife. Place the policemen on the roads near the animal’s path and they will attempt to kill the wildlife. Archers are reasonably effective in large groups, but infantry, with their sharp copper spears, can really cleanup the wildlife. Just don’t leave them away from their forts for too long or their moral will fail. Towers will shoot at the animals and Walls can separate your city from the animal spawning areas. Statues can also be used to contain the animals. Hyenas can also be contained with gardens if you catch them sitting still.

Hyenas keep killing me in Dunqul Oasis

If you don’t want to resort to the “wall-’em-in” expedient that other players are recommending, then you must accept that you’ll suffer some attrition, especially among immigrants, early in the mission. Despite the number of immigrants who become hyena chow, your city will slowly grow to the point where you can afford to staff several Police Stations. (Hyenas have a limited appetite and some immigrants will always get through). Constables will prevent the hyenas from running amok in city streets, and you’ll eventually have the resources to establish an Archer Fort. The unique thing about hyena herds is that they can be exterminated. Park a company of archers on their spawning grounds, and you will eventually wipe them off the map. The hyenas make Dunqul a touch-and-go mission early on, but it’s quite satisfying when you can finally wipe them out and render city streets safe.

Why can’t I rotate the map like in Caesar III? Is this a bug?

There is a Pyramid icon in the upper right corner of the game interface; pressing it will face the map to North. Clicking just to the right or left of it will rotate the map right or left (notice the arrows that appear over the directional pyramid when you move your cursor to the right and left of it).

Plus, the Page Up and Page Down buttons will also rotate that map and the Home button will rotate the map back to default North.

What else can be rotated?

Statues can be rotated by holding down the “R” key before you place the statue. Temple Complexes can also be rotated the same way, but be warned that sometimes graphic glitches can occur with these. It is best to save first before rotating and placing a Temple Complex. They cost a lot of debens and you could change your mind, anyway. The Sphinx can be rotated but other monuments cannot.

I have completed all the requirements, but I still can’t get promoted to win the scenario!

Check with the Overseer of Monuments to see if all the burial goods (or “grave goods”) have been dispatched. If that has been done, re-read your mission briefing from the Ankh symbol on the control panel to see reaching a specific housing level is also one of the requirements.

How do I take a “screenshot” of my city?

  1. Center your screen over the desired area.
  2. Press the “Print Screen” key on keyboard.
  3. Your screenshot is now saved to the Clipboard.
  4. Open MS Paint or some image editing program.
  5. Start a new image and select “Paste.”
  6. Your huge screen shot will appear that can be edited or printed.
  7. You can save it as a BMP (Bitmap image) or a JPEG file.

How to Cheat

Please check our Cheats page for all cheat codes and how to activate them.