Military matters

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I paid a lot of debens for a fort and I still don’t have any soldiers! You need to build a Recruiter building to train the soldiers, one by one. From the Recruiter, they will all go to their fort cross-country. They will ride the ferry across the Nile to get to their fort. The Archers have their homemade spears, but Infantry men will need Weapons. You will need to have a Weaponsmith with road access to the Recruiter. And of course the Weaponsmith will need Copper in a close by Storage Yard from either a mine or imports. Building an army in ancient times was just as complicated as today. And, an Academy will make your soldiers more efficient fighters.

How can I get troops loaded onto transport ships?

  1. Find a section of non-floodplain coastline that’s not hemmed in with buildings. Straight sections work better than convoluted sections, although this isn’t absolutely necessary.
  2. Move your soldiers near your desired loading point. They don’t need to be right on the coast, just close.
  3. Move your transport near the rally point — again, not right on the shoreline, just close to it.
  4. Right-click the transport, choose Embark, then click on the company to load. Before you click, make sure the cursor shows the Embark order, which looks like a little guy with an arrow. The cursor looks like this when it hovers directly over a soldier or the company standard.
  5. WAIT A COUPLE OF SECONDS. This could be where you’re running into trouble. Give them time to get aboard before you repeat the Embark order.
  6. Note that all members of a company need to be present before the company can embark. If you’ve got 14 soldiers at the rally point, and a 15th is on his way from the Recruiter to the Fort, the company won’t embark until Pvt. 15 reaches the rally point. He has orders to report to the Fort first, which can bollux up your embarkation plans. You can override his standing order by moving the company’s standard by a tile or two; this tells the tardy guy to go directly to the rally point. Along these same lines, if a 16th soldier is produced while you’re cajoling Pvt. 15, then the whole company will wait for Pvt. 16 to show up, too. The easiest way to avoid this is to transport only full companies. Don’t attempt to partial companies.
  7. If you select your ship and get any other icon besides Embark (due to it being on Move or some other mode) just hit the “K” button and that will automatically bring up the Embark icon. Just click on your available troops with this icon and they will board the Transport Ship.

I still don’t get it! Can you explain it again?

  1. Right-click on the transport ship to open the command window.
  2. Click on the ’embark’ icon. The window will close and you will notice that the ship’s flag will appear.
    You should also notice that a ship-like cursor appears. Along with the ship the cursor also has directional arrows (you have look closely). Well, when you move the cursor over the company of troops the cursor will change. The ship will remain, but instead of the directional arrows there will now be a human figure. When the cursor changes like that – from arrow to human figure– that is when you should left-click on the company.
  3. Left-click on the company of troops you wish to board the ship. Make sure you click in the vicinity of their standard.
  4. Having done that they will disappear, i.e. they will have boarded the ship. Note: the company does not need to be next to the shore to do this. It should work from various places and various distances from the shoreline.

To disembark, right-click on the transport ship to open the command window and then click the ‘disembark’ icon. The window will close and a ship-like cursor will appear. Go to the spot you want to move your troops to and click. The transport ship will go there and drop off your company.

Will transport ships pick up less than of 16 soldiers?

Yes, but… If the company you’re trying to load is actively receiving replacements, it will not board a transport while the new soldiers are en route to their fort or to the rally location. Whenever the Barracks or Military Academy spits out a new soldier, the rest of his company has to wait for him to arrive. For this reason, it’s best not to transport partial companies. If you must do so, don’t try to transport one that is actively being replenished.

Can enemy soldiers be drowned by the Nile flooding?

Yes, and some players swear by the following strategy: If the attack comes just before the inundation (Nile flooding) you can use a troop of archers to lure enemy troops out to the flood plain (keep your infantry back). The floods will wipe out all the soldiers. This tactic is not always possible depending on timing and geography, but some have found it useful in tough situations. Some may say this is cruel to order archers to their death. I haven’t found them good for much else though.

Can Hyksos Chariots be defeated on Very-Hard setting?

Elder Pharaoh and Forum regular Grumpus sent out three full-strength, academy trained companies (2 chariots, 1 infantry) to do battle with, perhaps three Hyksos chariots and maybe a water boy. His force was utterly destroyed

The following is part of the reply from Nixon at Impressions:

Chariots are the toughest of all troop types and the Hyksos are the toughest of all of the enemy armies. Put together, they are very formidable. Increasing the difficulty with make then tougher still. But it is possible to defeat Hyksos Chariots on Hard and even Very Hard.

When I saw people having this problem I tested it on a map using the Very Hard difficulty setting. Now, admittedly, I played this just to test this one particular question. I had six legions of Chariots, all of which were experienced and had high morale. Plus, I spent a lot of my time trying to get on Seth’s good side (with a good amount of success). When a group of Hyksos chariots attacked my city, all six of my Chariots swarmed on them and Seth bestowed one of his gifts (killing an attacking army). Most of my troops died but I did win the battle.

Remember, this is on Very Hard. Now, like I said, all of this was done just to test this one issue. Things might have been different if I had been concentrating on other goals. In the midst of a campaign with other things going on and conditions not being optimal I’m not sure if I could have pulled it off. But I wanted to make sure that is was possible for it to happen at all and not a bug.

NEW: If you’ve downloaded the recently released “Enhancement Pack” from Impressions, Hyksos Chariots and Hittite Chariots have had their hit points reduced to 262 on Very Hard and 260 on Hard (that should be good news to those of us who have yet to face them). Hyksos Chariots used to be 375 on Very Hard and 315 on Hard. Hittite Chariots were 330 on Very Hard and 275 on Hard.