Health, Taxes & Entertainment

These are general answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions. For more information on the finer points of game play and strategy, please consult the Game Help Forum rather than e-mailing Angels and Cherubs directly for help as they will direct you back to the Forum. Click on a question below to read the answer or return to the Index.

I have disease all over my city and people are dying right and left, what can I do?

Egyptians were pretty picky about their health care. Areas close by the reed gathering areas are prone to malaria and must be provided with Apothecaries. All housing will benefit from regular access by a Physician, and will not evolve past Spacious Homestead without it. Additionally, Dentists are needed to evolve past Spacious Residences and Morticians (with a supply of linen) are needed to evolve houses past the Spacious Manor level. (Remember all those “Spacious” words and you will be fine). Your best bet is to provide water and food to all of your houses and check your overlays for trouble spots.

Plague can break out in the city due to overall city health and it is not a pretty sight. You can see plague victims walking around the city, spreading the disease on the Risks: Disease Overlay. Every house he passes will become infected and the residents die. Wandering Plague Victims can be confined by deleting road tiles in their path, or by encountering an Apothecary walker, but the best course is prevention. The houses will remain vacant for a while, and then new residents will move in and use the food and goods left behind.

Plagues break out when a city’s overall health is poor. The two main contributors to good health are access to plenty of food and to a physician. Providing these two things to all (or just about all) of your citizens should prevent plague from breaking out. You can find out which areas of your city might be lacking in physician coverage by using the Physician overlay.

Mortuaries also contribute to the good health of a city, as does providing your citizens with more than one food type. Dentists don’t affect city health at all, but they do count for Culture points.

How do I place the entertainment stages?

All entertainment stages will fit on t-intersections. You will know if they fit because they will turn green. You can create a t-intersection in the middle of a housing block by adding to the road.

Entertainment is a part of your cultural rating and allows your housing to upgrade to the next level provided it has the right goods and food for the next level. Variety is the key to happy people so try to provide you people with as many types of entertainment as you can.

What’s the best way to place a Juggling Booth?

By definition, a Juggler’s Booth must be placed on a “T” or an intersection, but most building blocks are designed to avoid “T”‘s or intersections. So, how can one put a Juggler’s Booth in a building block?

Soon after the Demo came out, our own Angel Reckless Rodent came up with a nifty way of getting this done: first, add a single tile of road to next to a corner such that it becomes a T. Place the Juggler’s Booth. Then remove the extra tile of road. Done!

Why are my citizens complaining about a 9% tax rate?

Taxation can have a negative effect, even at the default 9% rate, if tax coverage is very unequal. People will complain about taxes when you’re collecting from roughly 50% of the populace. For a quick fix, lower taxes to 5% for a month or two…but for a long-term solution, build more Tax Collectors to ensure that your collection rate remains comfortably above 50%.

My tax collectors keep getting robbed!

You are probably spawning criminals from several of your houses. Check your Crime Overlay. You are going to have to supply police coverage to one or more of your housing areas.

Crime is usually a result of unemployment and people generally unhappy because of taxes, no food, no festivals, etc…If your crime is really intermittent, you may have to wait a while for your crime risk columns to lower. It is likely that you are missing a police station or a courthouse in one of your blocks or in an industrial housing area.