Bazaars, Granaries & Storage Yards

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What is the difference between a Bazaar Buyer and a Bazaar Trader, and how can I tell them apart?

A Bazaar Buyers has a basket on top of her head. She goes to the granary to get food and will also pick up imported food from a storage yard. She goes to the storage yards and picks up beer, pottery and other goods. You can control what she buys through the special instructions for the bazaar. Regular bazaars will often send out two buyers, but Impressions has explained that these buyers are non-specific for either food or goods. Upgraded bazaars (ones that are close to areas with high desirability such as temples and gardens–you can recognize them by a fancier graphic) will send out two buyers–one dedicated to buying food, one for goods. Each buyer can pick up more than one kind of food or goods on a shopping trip. When she returns to the bazaar, you will see a trail of little basket boys following behind her. She will ride ferries to find items for her bazaar.

The Bazaar Trader will stay within the confines of roadblocks distributing food and goods to the houses she passes by. If you see her outside the roadblock, it could be she is out of goods and taking a short cut home to the bazaar.

Why do my cart pushers keep drowning in the flood?

When the harvest comes, the cart pushers must have a place to deposit the goods. This means they have to have a road from the flood plain to a granary or storage yard that is set to accept the goods. And the building must have full employment to accept the goods. The cart pushers will ignore roadblocks, as they are destination walkers. Barley and flax must be taken to a storage yard, it won’t go in a granary. Cart pushers will choose an accepting Storage Yard for food before going to an accepting granary. If there is no place accepting the goods, the cart pushers drown.

Check your storage yards by right clicking and see if they are set to accept the goods you want. You can adjust the amounts by clicking on the arrows by the name of the goods.

What do the “get,” fill” and the other commands in the special instructions for the granaries and storage yards do? How do I use them?

“Accept all” means the facility will accept all of a food or goods until it reaches capacity. “Fill” can be set to 1/4, 1/2 or 3/4 and will allow those proportions of a food/good to be accepted. “Get” has the same quantities plus “get maximum” which is full capacity. All these commands are very useful to move food/goods around the city. When “Getting” food for a granary, the cart pushers use roads, but when using “getting” goods for a storage yard, they can go cross-country. The granary or storage yard will send two cart pushers out, and they will even across ferries to get the food/goods instructed. Be careful sending cart pushers on long journeys, if they are gone for a very long time, the home building forgets to send out a labor citizen and it sometimes looses labor access. Then when the cart pushers get back, there is no one to accept the goods, so they return to the place where they got them…. In this case, you might consider an intermediate storage yard stop, or an extra storage yard accepting the goods you were trying to “get”.

But, remember too, with storage yards, while they are out “getting” goods, no cart pusher is available to deliver from that storage yard to a workshop or other building. Generally speaking, when placing mixed items in storage yards, you should carefully consider how it would be used. Having beer and pottery delivered to a storage yard from the work shops for a bazaar buyer to pick up and sending the storage yard cart pushers off to “get” luxury goods to export would work. But storing clay in a storage yard that needs to be delivered to the brickyards and trying to “get” beer from across the Nile is not going to work out. They wont get back for a long time, and the brickyards will be idle waiting on clay.