Egypt History

Time to get historical!

I guess you’re all here to look at some history, no? If you’re not, then please use the navbar on the left to navigate yourself out of here and back to the rest of the site.

Right, still here? Then I suppose I’d better list what’s currently available:

  • The Pharaohs
    A list of all the Pharaohs who ruled over Egypt during the Old, Middle and New Kingdoms, with very brief (and I mean very brief) mention of their achievements.
  • General Egyptian History
    Basically, an expanded version of the Pharaoh list. Currently only the Old Kingdom, but more will be added soon.
  • The Pyramids of Egypt
    For the most part, these pages are designed to be read in conjunction with the General History section. However, they can also be studied independently.
  • Trivia
    Some interesting tidbits about the life (and death) of Egyptians in ancient times