Impressions @ E3

29th May 1999 – Pics are up!

I’m beginning to get my act together…Yesterday I added a couple of things from E3 which will tell you more about Pharaoh – Handout. Today I’ve added all the pics which were snapped by the HeavenCam. Check them out here.

Also checkout SpineMan’s thoughts on the game.

By Angel Reckless Rodent

13th May 1999 – It’s finally here!!!!

E3 is now underway! Stay tuned for more cool stuff!

By Angel Reckless Rodent

12th May 1999 – Some updates at last!

E3 will start tomorrow, so I thought it was time to do a small update of our coverage. I’ve added some more links to both the E3 Links and Coverage sections. Remember, there will be regular updates from Omnvac, Spineman, Hamlet and Deepwater once E3 is over. So, stay tuned!

By Angel Reckless Rodent

29th April 1999 – Welcome!

Welcome to Pharaoh Heaven’s coverage of the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo (aka E3). If you’ve just got here for the first time and you’re wondering what all this is about, then let me explain…

Basically, E3 is an event which is held annually by the gaming industry to promote their products to the media, who then produce all sorts of write-ups about the hot games to watch out for over the coming year or so. Sadly, it is a media-only event, so ordinary members of the public cannot attend. However, the good news is that Heavengames will be well-represented there this year, with no fewer than 4 Angels attending the festivities. They are Hamlet, Omnivac, Spineman and Deepwater. So, expect to hear loads of great stuff from them after the end of the show.

So, when and where is all this revelry happening? Well, this year, E3 is being held in luvely Los Angeles. There are conferences and workshops being held between 12th and 14th May, and the exhibiton itself is held between 13th and 15th May. Impressions will be there, showcasing Pharaoh (I’ve heard rumours from other gaming sites that they may have an alpha version on display, but I can’t confirm that). Whatever the truth behind that rumour (or lack of it), it’s sure to be very interesting what information is released about Pharaoh. We should certainly know more about the game post-E3 than we did before.

Right, that’s enough for the moment. Take some time to surf around the Pharaoh Heaven E3 coverage – there are links to the other parts of the site at the top below the logo.