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Children of Behdet

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Difficulty: Hard
Population goal: 0
Culture goal: 0
Prosperity goal: 0
Monument goal: 6
Kingdom goal: 0
"Children of Behdet"

Pharaoh has decided that the people of Egypt must learn to make their own decisions, and the best way to teach them is to give them what they need, food, housing, education and most and for all, freedom to make their own choices. He has asked you to build a city where everybody can move around freely, with services to provide for your citizens. Funding is scarce, however, so you must make do with what is available to found a small settlement and slowly develop it to a bustling metropolis.

Money will be a severely limited commodity for the first years at least. Fortunately wages in that part of the kingdom are low, so your citizens will be satisfied with a modest payment, unfortunately for you your own salary will be nonexistent, as will a mansion for you to live in. All available funding should be used for city development, to provide for your people, and you have to accept that you are just one of those people. As the city grows and prospers, wages will rise gradually.

You must make money from trade with neighbouring cities and may expect to be able to slowly expand that trade to more distant cities. When your neighbours see what you have to offer, they will call upon you and in return trade with you for the products they have to offer. Some of your neighbours are more willing to take what they need, rather than trade, so be prepared for regular raiders from the desert. You will have to fend them off using your city guards, as there is not enough starting capital to raise even a small defense force. Avoid going into debt, as interest rates are hefty.

Though Behdet has little to offer but a large canvas, it is situated strategically for trade with cities that are too far apart to have direct relations. You should be able to make a small profit from buying some goods and selling them off with a margin, but even more profit can be made by selling locally made finished products from raw materials that you buy, if you have enough labour available to staff the industry.

There are some stirrings with the Nubians, who are not too happy with our influence in Kerma. Eventually they may be expected to invade as far up North as Behdet, so prepare for invasions both by land and water. My scouts will give you a fair warning of upcoming trouble, but you may not want to wait for that moment and start your preparations early. Hopefully our combined forces will be able to once and for all silence the threath, so your people can live happily ever after, and consequently so can you. You can't waste money on statues, and you also need not build a large number of mastabas or other burial monuments, but a small obelisk to commemorate your achievements would be a nice touch.



This mission tries to mimic the approach the developers of Pharaoh have chosen for its successor "Children of the Nile". To that end a few of the regular elements of gameplay in Pharaoh have been removed, and some standard elements are used in less standard ways. One very important aspect is that roadblocks are not allowed. This has a profound effect on the structure of the city, but less than you might expect up front. Roadblocks were introduced in the Perwadjyt tutorial mission to avoid walkers straying off into the floodplains, apparently unaware of the effect of the phenomenon for those who don't master the art of swimming. This mission has no floodplain farms, in fact no farms at all, so that risk is not very large, and can be avoided easily by not having any roads in the small flooded areas along the river, so people won't get their feet wet.

One attack comes very early in the game, before the player has a fair chance to build any forts and man them with archers (at this point copper is not yet available in the scenario). The invasion by local Bedouin raiders is rather small and can be handled by the local police force, provided they are positioned in a suitable way. Players unfamiliar with policemen aiding in fighting off invasions may want to experiment a little before they have the hang of it. The invasion point can be guessed by looking at the kingdom map. The general direction from which the invaders are moving in corresponds with the point where it will enter the map. If you look carefully you may find other clues in the map itself, and if all that fails, replay from an earlier save may solve the issue.

Other standard elements that are missing from the scenario are statues (they just cost money that can better be spent otherwise), a festival square and a temple complex. Without statues it may be difficult to have enough desirability for elite housing, so plan your city well. Maybe the city is a bit boring for its citizens without festivals, hopefully they remain satisfied if they can have their own private birthday parties, and a lot of them. There will of course also be no blessings from the gods, just make sure you have enough temples for your people to visit and you won't be cursed either. There is no mansion, and hence no steady increase of the kingdom rating if you take a low salary, the fact that you actually have none doesn't help. Instead fending off the annual raids will give you the same effect. If you want a high kingdom rating, pay your annual fees, and timely satisfy requests. Ignore your rating, and you may expect Pharaoh to interfere. If that happens, be prepared.

Essentially this mission is a sandbox scenario, with no explicit winning criteria for culture, prosperity or kingdom rating. It should be possible to max out on all three though, depending on what you as a player like to achieve. Any population size is fine, there should be room for quite a lot. The monument rating is mainly there as a victory blocking requirement. With granite locally available and wood already needed for your warships, the player can relatively easily develop a small obelisk to the point where stone masons will have to do the final carving, and provided you have your housing level up to standard, you will see the victory screen at the turn of the month. Don't expect it to be any month soon though, it will take many game years before you can finish. Have fun!

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File Author
The scenario was designed and tested with Pharaoh without the Cleo extension installed, at Hard difficulty, by myself, not using any advance knowledge of events.

I only tested the first ten years at Very Hard, and found that there is very little money available indeed. The starting funds are very slim, if I recall correctly the game gives you less than you're entitled. I got only 843Db, where I think it should have been 75% of the starting funds at Hard (1500Db), so 1125Db. If you like you can start the game at Hard, with the starting funds for Hard, and increase the difficulty level before you start building. I stopped after about ten years, at the point where I needed to go heavily into debt repeatedly (or maybe should have done). I guess it depends on what rules you impose on yourself whether it is possible, it definitely is challenging.

I also tested whether a stately mansion can be obtained at Very Hard. It can, but you may need to consult the structures chart to see how the desirability can be raised to the required level. At lower difficulty levels higher level housing may be obtainable if you manage to sufficiently boost desirability.

There are separate map files "Children of Behdet Easy", to be played at Easy and Normal difficulty level, and "Children of Behdet Very Easy" to be played at Very Easy difficulty level. Note that these are actually made harder, to counteract the effect of the game downsizing invasion size and increasing starting funds at the lower difficulty levels. In fact the Very Easy file can be played at Very Hard level, if you want to break your teeth on an extremely hard cookie.

If you find any (other) design errors, do not hesitate to mention these, so I can correct the scenario.


[Edited on 04/08/22 @ 02:07 AM]

MeinGimli I have downloaded it. can someone here tell me where to put the files to play the scenarios?
File Author
Unpack files in Sierra\Pharaoh\Maps
shelley293startr I enjoyed playing this scenario, but couldn't get to the win condition of a stately manor, playing on hard. I think I had access to reeds/papyrus at one point, but the trade route closed. But thanks for posting maps!

[Edited on 09/05/22 @ 04:15 PM]

File Author
The trade route to Men-nefer should open in July 489 BC and the city will sell you both reeds and papyrus.

There is no event that will shut down the trade route. I did notice it is scripted to open again in May 484 BC and then triggers a request for beer, but because it is already open, you only get to see the request. Your response to the request does not effect the trade route.

So there is no event that can result in rendering reeds or papyrus unavailable, but you may have missed the opportunity to open trade with Men-nefer. If you do, you can run the scenario to the victory screen.

Hope this helps.

[Edited on 10/07/22 @ 10:07 AM]

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