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Suave Sauty

Author File Description
File Details
Difficulty: Hard
Population goal: 3500
Culture goal: 50
Prosperity goal: 100
Monument goal: 23
Kingdom goal: 50
"Suave Sauty"

Your are the last from long line of local rulers, but you were expelled from your home country when invaders took over control. In Egypt you have found a place where you can try to set up a new place to live for the small band of faithful citizens who have followed you in exile, using the few gold bars you were able to take with you. It is not perfect, there is plenty of farmland, but of poor quality, there are little other resources, and there are but a few fishing spots to nourish your people. Your country was famous for the high quality of linen it produced, and with the few flax seeds that you have taken with you, you can build up that industry again, to provide your city with a steady income.

Even though you had to leave most of your earthly possessions behind, you still have the bonds with your old neighbours, though it will be difficult, and possibly expensive, to maintain relations. Moreover, they too suffer from under the suppression of the new rulers. Maybe it is better to make new friends, with the neighbouring cities in Egypt. It appears the unpredictable behaviour of the Nile river, upon which nurturing sediment they heavily depend for the fertility of their farmland, is playing havoc. If you improve your fishing skills, you can help them and in return they can provide you with the basic necessities that your city is lacking. And finally there is Pharaoh, is he friend or foe, or maybe both? You can try to be friendly with everyone, but you may need to make choices.

You definitely couldn't befriend your old enemies who removed you from office, and when they find out that you are thriving again in Egypt, expect them to pay you a visit, unfortunately not a friendly one. Not only do they continue harassing you, they also turn on your neighbours and new fellow countrymen, who are not at all pleased by the attention, and may blame you for it. Also Pharaoh is not quite amused. Again you may have to make choices, can you help everyone, must you divide your attention, or do you focus on those alliances that you treasure most?

Make the right choices, and you can build a great city, not very large, but prosperous and with strong military power. Your family has led your people through suffering and success for generations, and you can continue to do so in your new home country. Maybe at some day your offspring will again rule wisely over their people, not only in the city, but as Pharaohs over all Egypt. You won't live to see that future, you can build a pyramid as a peaceful resting place for your bodily remains, while your spirit moves on to the eternal afterlife enjoying the burial gifts your people have gratefully given you on your never-ending journey.



In this scenario, contrary to regular procedure, you may expect to get simultaneous requests or other events that maybe you cannot all deal with. These are not scripting errors on behalf of the designer, but are put in deliberately to force you to make a choice. It would actually be a scripting error if they don't. Depending on your abilities as a player, and the difficulty at which you play the game, you may be able to postpone the point at which you have to decide to accept your inability to cope with all challenges, but don't be afraid to admit your restrictions. As in real life, failure is always an option. Unless you really make a mess of things, the scenario will always play out in a way that you can reach victory, but maybe it will be a different one than you intended, or it may take longer than you expected. Nothing new there.

There are several events in the scenario that are different from what you will see usually. Again these are not scripting errors, they are included to remind you that other people may not always react in ways that you expect from them. If you comply with a request, you may hope to get something in return, but sometimes your reward will be no more than the absence of a drop in gratitude. If you accept a gift, be aware that it will have consequences, but don't be offended if these are not what you expected, though it is fine to be surprised of course. Real friends don't always want something in return for their friendship, and that works both ways.

Because this is a Pharaoh scenario, you will have to do without the pyramid blessing (but you can of course invoke any other blessings by pleasing the gods). Instead you can expect to receive gifts of plain stone, which is otherwise only available by import, followed by a request for limestone, which can be produced locally (but not traded). Late compliance will give the standard decrease in your KR, failure an additional one. Either way the gifts will keep coming. To stop them, you just only need to refuse one, and you won’t be bothered any further. No ill feelings. You can keep importing the stuff though.

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File Author
The game was tested by myself at Hard difficulty. I gave Very Hard a try, came a long way, but eventually dismissed the attempt. I guess it can be done, but you may need to use advance knowledge and replay from intermediate saves, ... or make different choices than I did :D

This is the last scenario in a series of four, which more or less form one unit. Each can be played independently of the others, but there are some references in the different scenarios to the others, and they share some event structuring that can be experienced as unusual.

My impression, when testing the current map, is that it may use some tweaking to make it more interesting to a broader audience. A second opinion would be much appreciated.


[Edited on 03/08/22 @ 03:13 AM]

pink loki That was pretty fun. Thanks for posting it.
burt777 Just because you said i couldn't, i played this on hard and did meet all the requests without delay... (-:

Awesome mission!
shelley293startr Great scenario! I really enjoyed playing it. Played well with no glitches. I played on difficulty level "very hard". Thank you for making it!

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