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Enormous Nubt

Author File Description
File Details
Difficulty: Hard
Population goal: 5000
Culture goal: 35
Prosperity goal: 100
Monument goal: 32
Kingdom goal: 100
"Enormous Nubt"

Our story begins along the banks of the Nile, in an area known as Nubt. Here a small confederacy of clans struggles to eke out an existence in the harsh environment. You will start a small settlement and develop it to a thriving city. The land is vast and with few resources, both will add to the challenge ahead. Moreover, you should expect no help from Pharaoh, apart from a small starting and bailout fund. You will have to rely on your neighbours, and they on you. Once you establish trade relations, you will be able to start your own industries, using imported resources and exporting surplus goods. As your city grows, so will the cities of your confederates, slowly expanding the possibilities for a safe and prosperous life for your citizens.

At the start you are on your own, but soon your neighbours will call upon you. The Nile is a fickle friend indeed, and when the river turns hostile on the people who depend on it for their sustenance, they desperately need your help. Provide them with the food they need in times of famine, your own citizens will understand and gladly sacrifice a few morsels of their own. It will allow you to quickly build up trust to start trade relations that are profitable for both and increase prosperity in the whole region. The quicker you react, the sooner trade can commence. Fail to react, and you will meet disgruntlement, though eventually your neighbours will set aside their ill feelings and see the benefits of trading with you.

Not all neighbours are equally friendly though, especially some distant cities that have heard the rumours of the developing wealth will try to take their part of the bounty. Expect raiders to enter your city, both by land and by water. Also your neighbours will suffer from attacks and again ask your help. Your scouts and those of your associates will give you fair warning of impeding invasions, so prepare for the worst. You will need additional resources to arm your troops and build warships, which you may find by forging new alliances with other nearby cities. To put a definitive stop to the hostilities you may need to hunt the raiders down to their distant home cities, in a combined attack with your allied armies.

After the dust of war has settled, you may finally build up trade relations with distant cities that have only peaceful intentions, and other close neighbours who are impressed by the strength of your city and want to embrace the advantages of mutual cooperation. You can establish housing for your elite citizens and collect a fair income on taxes. You will need extra resources to build a small burial monument for yourself, and a bigger one for your family, or vice versa, as you see fit. You will also need a substantial amount of burial provisions, to take with you to a good eternal afterlife, when you finally must leave your faithful citizens in your beloved city.



There are many events in this scenario (118 to be exact), only two are scripted to occur at a certain moment and all other events are triggered. These two sequences of events occur in a preset order, but their timing is very much dependent on the actions of the player. Respond quickly and the scenario will develop rapidly, but if you take your time, things will follow your slower pace. Late reactions will negatively impact your kingdom rating, failure to react will do so even more. In some cases the scenario will retrace its course until you have complied with a request. Timely response, as long as it is before the deadline, will increase your kingdom rating.

If you do, you can obtain the maximal kingdom rating (KR) of 100 needed for victory within the normal development of the scenario. Should you fail to do so, you can of course rely on gifts, though that is not that easy given your rank as village noble, but there will by regular requests, repeating indefinitely after the other events of the scenario have played out, that allow you to slowly reach the required KR.

Because this is a Pharaoh scenario, you will have to do without the pyramid blessing (but you can of course invoke any other blessings by pleasing the gods). Instead you can expect to receive gifts of limestone, which is otherwise only available by import, followed by a request for plain stone, which can be produced locally (but not traded). Timely compliance will give a small bonus to your KR, late a small decrease, and failure a big one. Either way the gifts will keep coming. To stop them, you just only need to refuse one, and you won’t be bothered any further. You can keep importing the stuff though.

As stated in the mission briefing above, you may expect invasions by land and by water, and similar requests for troops. You won't, however, be invaded by land when your legions are abroad, and the same for your warships, but depending on how you time your responses it is possible to have simultaneous events on land or on water. Still it may be advisable to keep some troops at hand just in case the old game has some new surprises for you.

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With such an engrossing story, I was hoping for a mini-map image on this page. Let me know if you have issues with attaching those when you submit your download here.
File Author
As usual I playtested the map at Hard, you can see the completed city in the minimap. I also played the first few years at Very Hard, until the major money worries were over. When you encounter problems or errors in the scenario that I have missed, please inform me, so I can correct them.


[Edited on 03/04/22 @ 08:55 AM]

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